Dino Gomez – Funnel Consultant Society 2022

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Dino Gomez – Funnel Consultant Society 2022

Dino Gomez - Funnel Consultant Society 2022

Module 1: Facebook Fast Track (Intro)


  • Introduction to Understanding the Power of Facebook Ads [22:20]
  • How to Grow a FB Ad Agency [11:49]
  • How to Setup The Facebook Pixel [11:58]
  • How to Setup A Facebook Traffic Ad (Campaigns Vs. Ad Sets Vs. Ads) [27:27]
  • Facebook Ad Guideline [10:17]

As you can see from lesson two above, Dino Gomez and his team want you to succeed. They invite you to set up a one on one call with one of their coaches once you’ve landed your first Facebook Ads client.

In his next lesson, he teaches the gameplan of the course: How to Grow Your Facebook Ad Agency With No Experience.

With no time to waste, next, Dino explains exactly how the Facebook pixel works, how to install it on a client’s website or funnel, and more.

Then he covers how to set up a Facebook Traffic Ad. His teaching style was surprisingly brilliant here. You can tell he’s had experience teaching this to people dozens of times.

And lastly, an important lesson you don’t want to miss is how to adhere to Facebook’s Ad policies, so your account doesn’t get suspended.

Module 2: Types of Facebook Ads (Traffic Engagement, Conversion, Leads)


  • Types of Facebook Campaigns (Which to Run) [13:34]
  • Types of Facebook Ad Media [19:00]

This short module covers the different types of Facebook ads, the ones you’ll run the most for clients, and a campaign setting that most people miss with lead generation.

Module 3: Basic Targeting (Cold Targets)


  • Basic Targeting Inside Tag Manager [18:23]
  • Audience Insights Tool Targeting Research (Interests Vs. Hobbies Vs Action) [30:32]
  • Niche Audience Targeting Hack [13:44]
  • Built-in Targeting You Must Know Exists (Crazy Options) [12:02]

These lessons will help fine-tune your campaigns for your client(s).

Module 4: Advanced Targeting (Warm Targets)


  • Retargeting Ads 101 [27:25]
  • How to Setup Customer Retargeting Ads (email or contact list as custom audience) [22:39]
  • How to Setup and Target Lookalike Audiences [19:24]
  • How to Run Conversion Ads [35:53]
  • Conversion Campaigns Hack: Manual Bidding To Outbid Competitors [12:56]
  • Creative Targeting (post interest removal update) [28:23]

This module will help bring in more leads and lower your cost per lead.

Module 5: How to Price, Sell, & Close Clients


  • Pricing FB Ad Management + Choosing A Niche [22:32]
  • Proposals That Win Contracts [17:24]
  • Closing Playbook – Step by Step How To Close Clients for More Money [35:18]
  • Closing Corporate Or Local Clients Process [32:05]
  • How to Earn $10,000+ With One Simple Billing Trick [4:24]

This is my favorite module of Funnel Consultant Society and, quite frankly, one of the most important ones.

Module 6: Client Attraction Secrets


  • FREE Leads from Facebook [11:57]
  • 5 Ways to Get FB Ad Clients [28:09]
  • Facebook Ad Transparency + Spy on Competitors [8:33]
  • Niche Cold Outreach + Retargeting to Get Clients [22:27]
  • $5 B2B Leads in Week 1 – Convertica [21:53]
  • Facebook Group Authority [9:18]
  • Social Profile Acquisition Funnel [11:56]
  • 6 New Ways to Get Clients in Any Economy [31:33]
  • Watch Me Generate Client Leads With 2 Sentences [41:45]
  • How to Run Ads to Get Clients [84:43]

Module 7: Ad Copy & Landing Page (TEMPLATES)


  • 10 Steps For Writing a Killer Facebook Ad
  • Local Ad Copy That Converts [Template]
  • Unicorn Ad Copy Template
  • The Super Bowl Ad Technique
  • The Landing Page Template That Converts
  • Thank You Page Optimization
  • Offer That Covert: Sweepstakes 2 Tier Offer
  • Copy & Paste Creative Offers + Ad Copy For Any Niche

Good ad copy is essential for all ad types and landing pages. This section teaches you everything you need to know about ad copies that convert consumers into leads.

The Rest of the Modules

  • 8. Launch Strategy (Follow to Launch Your 1st Campaign)
  • 9. Facebook Ad Stacking™
  • 10. Client Booking Formula
  • 11. How to Setup Facebook Business Manager (Only Watch Once You Have 1 Client)
  • 12. Automation Mastery (How to Connect Your Funnels to An Email Autoresponder)
  • 13. Bonus Modules
  • 14. Accelerator
  • 15. Facebook Ads – Scaling + Getting Unstuck
  • 16. Bot Messenger Training
  • 17. Live Training Calls [Accelerator]
  • 18. Done For You Funnels (New Funnels Consistently)
  • 19. Advanced Tracking & Metrics
  • 20. Trending FB News (Monthly Recaps)
  • 21. Resources & Ammo