Desda Zuckerman – Reclaim Your Empathic Power

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Desda Zuckerman - Reclaim Your Empathic Power

Desda Zuckerman – Reclaim Your Empathic Power

What You’ll Discover in These 7 Modules

If you’re eager to go beyond the basics and open up to higher truths, more powerful forces, and a deep, and multidimensional healing of your energy body and your soul, this 7-step journey was designed with you in mind.

You’ll receive video teachings, guided healings, and experiential practices with Desda Zuckerman. Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones — giving you a complete holistic understanding of three different systems of your energy body and the healing powers of your subtle anatomy.

Module 1: Discover Unwavering Support & Stability Within the Bones of Light


Your subtle anatomy carries all of the information and wisdom your soul needs to evolve in this lifetime and beyond. It is untapped brilliance… a vast source of support, healing, and guidance.

In particular, the Bones of Light system is the subtle “skeletal” foundation that generates stability and support throughout your life. If the universal energies are flowing smoothly, you naturally receive everything you need to flourish as a human being and a soul. Yet, many of us unwittingly block this support.

In this fascinating first module with Desda, you’ll discover how the Bones of Light function within your subtle anatomy and orient your soul. A powerful guided practice will help resolve a longstanding issue — identified by you — so that you can fully access the support and stability of your own energy structure.

Part 1: Entering the Bones of Light of Your Subtle Anatomy

In this module, you’ll:

  • Set your intention to clear from a specific pattern or lifelong issue — in your relationships, work, health and wellbeing, etc.
  • See the Bones of Light as the structure that can support you in your life and soul’s purpose
  • Experience this energetic presence of this powerful, subtle internal support system
  • Discover how universal energies flow and are blocked within the Bones of Light
  • Prepare for a guided healing within this part of your subtle anatomy

Part 2: Fully Receive From the Universe Bones of Light Guided Healing

In this guided healing with Desda, you’ll:

  • Free up your internal support to increase your ability to receive
  • Understand anatomically and emotionally how you have stopped the universe from giving you what you truly need
  • Identify & understand this block, guided by Desda
  • Remove obstructions to supportive energies
  • Take full ownership of what you receive from the Universe

Module 2: Releasing Your Old Stories
The Layers System


The Layers System is an amazing, concentric construction of your subtle anatomy. Each layer is devoted to a different realm of your experience as a human being. They include the bio layer (your physical body), and moving out from there, the emotional, primal, mental, cognitive, spiritual, etheric, and soul layers.

Desda calls the layers the “wisdom keepers of your soul’s long journey” — which illuminate the hidden stories that define you, as well as new possibilities and visions for your life.

Each layer has the complex job of bringing the order, orientation, and awareness of your soul into focus. And yet, energy blocks here can keep your soul from following its natural path of evolution.

This module with Desda is your opportunity to understand how the layers operate, clear any blocks so you can access the wisdom there, and define and embody a new life story.

Part 1: Create a New Life Story Release a Life Pattern in the Layers

In this module, you’ll:

  • Explore how the Layers System influence the stories that have defined and limited you
  • Stimulate and explore a new vision and new possibilities, which are fully aligned with your soul
  • Recognize the energetic patterns underlying the issue or story you want to release
  • Locate your old story or limiting pattern within the layers — and watch how it influences your actions

Part 2: Releasing a Life Pattern A Guided Healing

In this guided healing with Desda, you’ll:

  • Be led through a process to fully define an old story
  • Uncover how this story shaped you and your emotional “climate”
  • Experience the cost and gift of these pattern
  • Release this life pattern and easily enter into a new story

Module 3: Clear a Soul Path Congestion for Deeper Healing
The Blended Energies System


The Blended Energies System (BES) is where universal energies are awakened, through 13 chakras and other energy centers of the blended system. This system is where you can activate your highest potential, shape your personality, and reveal your soul’s journey.

The birthplace of your soul, the Blended Energies System is also where you are reborn in each moment. Its constantly regenerating energies guide and direct you to serve, create, and express love in your daily life.

However, these energies are often congested and need to be cleared so that you can consciously access them for your healing and growth. This module is your opportunity to do this important clearing.

Part 1: Discover the Blended Energies System

In this module, you’ll:

  • See how congestion within the Blended Energies System tends to define what you do and who you think you are
  • Gain a new understanding of the 13 thirteen major chakras
  • Learn the part of your larger issue that was critical in the formation of your personality
  • Prepare your structure for a healing by experiencing the energetic location of your congestion
  • Set focus and intention to completely clear and heal your subtle structure.

Part 2: Clear a Soul Path Congestion: A Guided Healing  

In this guided healing with Desda, you’ll:

  • Understand and clear congestion that has defined your larger issue, determined who you are and slowed your progress.
  • Unleash your new more capable and confident persona and feel the flow of your gifts
  • Stimulate the sacred flow of your soul and your life force
  • Develop access to the powerful healing energies of your own energy structure

Module 4: Subtle Energy Self-Care Routine
Daily Practices


You’ve journeyed through three systems within your vast, subtle anatomy (according to Desda’s map, there are seven!). You’ve cleared blocks, redefined stories about who you are, and released patterns that have limited you for many years.

You’ve felt and now you know you really are MUCH MORE than your body, emotions or mind…

In this final module, you’ll receive a toolkit of subtle energy, self-care practices. The journey is only beginning… now it’s time to take what you’ve learned into your daily life, your relationships and your work in the world.

You’ll discover:

  • A subtle energy body self-care program you can use daily
  • Deepening awareness of the wisdom and support within the three systems of your subtle anatomy
  • Open even more to the new possibilities for your life
  • Appreciation for your true magnificence and the beautiful clearing work you’ve done over the 7 modules

The Empathic Power Bonus Collection

(Valued at Over $500.00!)

In addition to Desda’s transformative 7-part virtual course, you’ll receive these powerful bonuses. These bonus materials complement the course and promise to take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.

Reading From Desda’s Book, Your Sacred Anatomy
Audio Recording From Desda Zuckerman


This reading from Desda is a transmission of the power of these insights and an introduction to the space for healing and transformation that she holds for her students and for all of humanity, and that we all carry within. A story holds the power to allow millions of people to align. In the introduction, “Carnival of Light,” Desda speaks about her personal history and the evolution of her gifts. She has dedicated her clairvoyance to healing, and she introduces us to the gift and the challenge of that decision. As Desda shows that we are so much more than we thought we were, we acknowledge our potential to create a greater world than we ever imagined.

Insights Meditation Journal
Audio Recording PDF Teaching From Desda Zuckerman


We must all be in the game as conscious participants to make a difference. Please enjoy this meditation journal as a personal companion to spur reflection, record your insights, and explore how to enhance your journey to truly make a difference in the world.

Correct & Ethical Way to Benefit From Affirmations
Video Teaching From Desda Zuckerman


Believe it or not, there’s a specific way to optimize your use of affirmations. It’s not enough to affirm something and feel it. You must clear your mind, set your intentions, open your heart and stay grounded in your body. In this video, you’ll be given easy steps for creating foolproof affirmations.

Importance of a Spiritual Practice
Video Teaching From Desda Zuckerman


Find out why a spiritual practice is so essential for an energy worker, as well as for engaging with your Sacred Anatomy. It’s not about discipline, but about spaciousness. A regular spiritual practice gives you the opportunity to find your quiet center. Doing so allows you to move into awakened consciousness. Energy work is doing as opposed to being. if you find yourself struggling with “how, what, and when” to do something, you need a spiritual practice.

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