Depesh Mandalia – The 7-Figure Facebook Ads Playbook

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Product Name: Depesh Mandalia – The 7-Figure Facebook Ads Playbook
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The 7-Figure Facebook Ads Playbook

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Hey, this is Depesh Mandalia, an 8-figure Facebook Ads pro, agency owner, coach, advisor to Facebook and of course, husband and father of 4.

All in a day’s work as they say 🙂
This is the Beta launch of the 7-figure Facebook Ads Playbook.
The course contains the exact same frameworks and strategies that have helped me to create growth for companies of all sizes and niches.
Like the Ecommerce company where Facebook was responsible for the majority of growth with over $26million annual revenue.
In the last 6 months of 2017 alone my agency SM Commerce has over seen over $3 million in ad spend across North America and Europe – it’s fair to say we’ve learned a few things about scaling multiple businesses at the same time too.
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I never had a plan to create a course until recently when after starting my agency and looking for courses for my team, I was shocked at how bad some of them were.

I’ve helped many people struggling and failing with Facebook Ads despite taking courses which drove me onto a personal mission to build something better.
When I started out I had no training, no experts to look up to and learned the hard way with many mistakes and wasted time and money – well, now you don’t have to.
I knew that just having yet another video course wasn’t going to work to get 6, or 7-figure results.
I’d have to give up my time to coach you too for maximum results.
And I am…. for the first 25 people, right now 🙂
Now’s your chance to have me on your team and to gain access to the exact same growth strategies we use every day to help our clients grow their businesses to 7 figures and beyond.