Dean and Elise Parker – The Complete Renovation System

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Product Name: Dean and Elise Parker – The Complete Renovation System
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Dean & Elise Parker – The Complete Renovation System

Dean & Elise Parker - The Complete Renovation System

Want to learn how to renovate properties for six-figure lump sum cash profits in less than 6 months?

Hi there,

Having personally renovated 218 properties all over Australia and made millions of dollars in the process, I now want to teach you how you can renovate for profit too.

Don’t worry if you’re new to investing or don’t know how to hold a hammer. My proven system for renovation success assumes you know nothing and reveals how investors of all abilities can make great profits right now!
The Top 5 Things You’ll Learn…

How to find renovation deals in today’s market with $25k – $60k of profit per property.
How to accurately budget your renovation costs to avoid blowouts!
How to determine you’re end selling price to confidently determine your anticipated profit.
How systems, processes and checklists will allow you to be efficient and to achieve more.
How understanding finance to better use your limited capital will allow you either 1) get started or 2) increase the number of renovations you can do.

Why am I doing this?

My wife Elise and I have always been passionate about giving back and passing on our knowledge onto others.  Over the years we’ve run many seminars, written two renovation based educational products and educated thousands of people, but our last live renovation training event was back in 2008, that’s 10 years ago!!!

My passion to educate was recently reignited again when Steve McKnight called me up and invited me to speak at his final Millionaire Mega Conference in June this year.  It reminded me of the great live events that I had attended over the years, what I had learned and what it had allowed us to achieve – Financial Freedom.

Now obviously the education alone did not make us successful.  It took dedication and determination and a commitment to create systems and processes at each and every turn in order to document and streamline what we did.

Get immediately download Dean & Elise Parker – The Complete Renovation System

You NOW have the opportunity to leverage from my 14 years of hard work.  I will show you step by step on how to fast track your own success.

What We Will Cover At This Intensive 2-day Workshop…
I am running for the first time a powerful 2 day Renovation Workshop where I will unpack everything I know and give you access to everything I’ve learned.
Renovation Fundamentals:

What is a renovation project?

Understanding property markets

Types of renovation (cosmetic v advanced)

Understanding renovation numbers

The importance of valuations

Understanding how to finance renovation projects with little or no cash

What are the exit strategies

Renovation timeframes

Pricing a renovation

The renovation process

Your renovation team


Legalities and restrictions


Accounting and taxation

Step 1 – Prepare Yourself (Goals, Structure, Finance, Lawyers):

Renovation Goals

Defining your role

Determining capital available



Accounting and taxation

Step 2 – Finding a Location (State, Suburb, Street):

Finding an area based on the capital you have available

Focusing your research

Step 3 – Finding a Property (Type, Architecture, Design, Finishes & Inclusions):

Agent relationships

Property inspections

Property due diligence

Step 4 – Property Purchase and Due Diligence (Ownership Costs):

Making an offer

Due Diligence clause and period

Settlement period and using that time effectively

Settlement and final inspection

Step 5 – Renovation (Pricing, Process):

The renovation process

Building regulations

Add value items

Safety consideration

Managing your team

Materials and suppliers

Renovation ideas

Get immediately download Dean & Elise Parker – The Complete Renovation System

Step 6 – Property Sale / Refinance:

Refinancing to release equity

Exit strategies

Preparing for Sale

Property Styling

Sale options and fees


Case Studies

We’ve renovated all kinds of property in many different locations! Big cities, small country town and everything in between. Let me share with you a couple of case studies of what we’ve done and what I’ll be teaching you how to do. We will walk through before and after photos, the renovation budgets and the profits made.
Case Study 1: Buy an investment property with only $5,000

We were able to get a short term loan from a family member for 8 weeks allowing us to renovate prior to settlement and settle and hold with only $5k of our own money.
Case Study 2: Entry level renovation flip for $30k

Perfect for when we were starting out, we were in and out of these deals within months for handy little lump sum cash profits.
Case Study 3: Advanced deal for $300k

We were completing block renovations before the show was on TV.  In and out in around 6 months for six figure profits.
Case Study 4: Advanced hold to create $500k of equity

This retail refurb not only created some incredible equity but also a very healthy on-going cash flow.

So, no matter what level you’re at, I’m certain you’ll gain some major insights into the huge profits that can be made in really short timeframes.
Systems, processes, tool and checklists

You’ll also receive copies of Key Checklists that I have developed over the years that we use every day to maximise profit, save us time and reduce errors such as:

Area due diligence checklist

Property inspection checklist

Property due diligence checklist

Making an offer checklist including our due diligence clause

Renovation Costing Tool

Renovation process checklist

Plus lots more…
The Number One Reason Why You Need To Be There Is…
To create the lifestyle you desire and deserve!

I have control of my time and destiny.  I choose when I want to work, who I want to work with and where I work.  I do not have to travel to get to work.  I get to have breakfast, lunch and dinner with my wife and 3yo daughter every day.  In fact, the best way to describe the real benefit, is that what I do doesn’t actually feel like work at all.

For Elise, it has provided her the opportunity to walk away from our business and be 100% committed to our wellbeing and our daughter Olivia.  Olivia hasn’t had a day of day care in her life, we eat organic food, we’re healthy and for our family that’s important.
Okay, How Much To Attend?

I’m just going to cut to the chase here.  I could offer a whole heap of discounts and incentives, but quite frankly that’s not how I roll.  I’ve spelt out above what will be covered, and I’ve priced this event so it is affordable for everyone.  If you can’t see the value opportunity on offer by now, then this isn’t for you.
Single Ticket Price For Two Full Days Of Training – $997

Yep, that’s less than $500 per day.  The days will run from 9 am till 5:30 pm.   Given most of the professional consultants I use charge around $300 – $400/hr this makes a full day for less than $500 a bargain.

That said, it’s not about the hourly rate, it’s about how much money you’ll be able to make from the information that you’ll learn.

The better question is to ask yourself is, do you believe a $997 investment is reasonable in order to learn the tools and obtain the systems and checklists that will allow you to make $25,000 – $50,000 PLUS on simple renovation projects and then progress to the point where you’re managing multiple properties at a time?
Partner Price For Two Full Days Of Training – $497

The partner price is heavily discounted because I really want you to bring your partner along.  Elise and I have been lucky enough to go on this journey together and I understand if you’re just starting out that this can be a large commitment.  I promise you it will be more beneficial if you and your partner are in this together, so I urge you to bring them along.
When and Where?

This seminar will only be run once this year, and maybe never again!  Remember it’s been 10 years since we last shared our knowledge. I’m a full-time investor and need to remain focused on our own projects too.