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David Bond – Japan Vault

David Bond – Japan Vault

Did you know there’s 2 things most girls in the west LOVE that Japanese girls HATE?

Did you know there’s 4 questions ALL Japanese girls ask foreigners, and if you answer them WRONG she will COMPLETELY stop responding to you?

Did you know there’s a way to invite a Japanese girl home where she will NEVER say NO, and a way she will NEVER say YES to?ナンパIn this guide, we go deep deep deep into the topics below

How to answer the “4 QUESTIONS” Japanese girls always ask foreignersUnderstanding the “stereotype” of a foreigner

What cultural differences in east will DESTROY your chances of getting her interested if you don’t know themHow to invite a girl home in a way she CAN’T say no to

The SECRET Date Activity that will get her to say YESナンパImagine you’re visiting Japan, you see a cute Japanese girl walk by and want to say hello.

You walk up, give her a compliment, ask her name, and try to shake her hand, She looks at you confused, and nervously walks away.

Confused you think “What did I do wrong?”

What if I told you that in this scenario you make at least FOUR big mistakes when approaching a girl in Japan?

Did you know Japan’s population is currently in decline due to men not being confident enough to talk, date, let alone ask women out?

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Don’t laugh when I tell you this…Did you know in Japan women are SO completely DESPERATE for men to talk, flirt, and spend time with them that there’s an ENTIRE INDUSTRY in Japan called “Host Clubs”?

What’s a “Host?”A “host” is man a Japanese woman PAYS to flirt with them.

Yes, I know this sounds completely ridiculous, but it’s true.

The truth is women in Japan are completely sexually frustrated, and so desperate for male attention that they’re willing to PAY FOR IT.

Don’t believe me? I DARE you to google “Herbivore men japan” or “Japan Host Club”

The truth is women in Japan would love to meet you, but the problem is if you lack a basic understanding of the culture you’re DEAD.

In this guide we cover EVERYTHING you need to know when visiting Japan as a single guy!

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