Dave Camarillo – The Armlock Obsession

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Product Name: Dave Camarillo – The Armlock Obsession
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The Armlock Obsession By Dave Camarillo

World-class grappling coach Dave Camarillo shows how he has mixed his judo and BJJ black belts into his own unique armbar system

  • Use the classic armbar in brand new ways as Dave shows what makes his system useful for fighters of all body types and belt rank
  • Learn how to attack BOTH quick dynamic armbars with speed and precision AND slow and steady armbars with control and leverage
  • Dave is the founder of Guerilla Jiu-Jitsu, a mix of judo and BJJ principles, and head grappling coach at MMA champion factory, the American Kickboxing Academy
  • This 8-volume mega-series is a masterclass on the armbar and all of its forms and uses

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