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Danny Iny – Course Builder´s Laboratory

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More Than Just A Training…

All the Coaching and Support You Need to Launch Your First Successful Online Course, or Double Your Money Back — Guaranteed!

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93% of Online Entrepreneurs
Can’t Be Wrong…

Danny InyThere’s something magical about the idea of taking the knowledge and expertise you’ve worked hard to acquire, and using it to create a “perfect day” lifestyle for yourself…

A lifestyle where you get to spend your time doing as you please.

A lifestyle where you’re positively impacting hundreds and thousands of people, by empowering them to achieve the outcomes they desire in life through an online training course.

And doing so in a way that also earns you a handsome living, where you’re not required to put in those long, hard hours just to give yourself a more comfortable lifestyle.

One of the most significant changes we’ve witnessed in the past couple of years is course building taking center stage as the legitimate, mainstream method for building an online business.

The value of the online education market has continued the rising trend we’ve seen over the past 5 years — to the point where it’s now projected to hit $241 billion by 2022.

Someone is Definitely Making Money
With Online Education!

You just need to look around to see that courses are surfacing in just about *every* industry.

Venture capital firms are investing hundreds of millions of dollars into online learning, as big companies are jumping in because they see the $241 billion online education opportunity for what it is…

…a doorway into the $5 trillion dollar global education market!

Now, while all these big numbers are good indicators of the legitimate business opportunity we’re seeing develop, I wanted to understand exactly where things stood for small business owners.

That’s why my team and I conduct an industry survey of online entrepreneurs every year, publishing the findings in our landmark “State of Online Learning” report.

And the results from the latest report are staggering.

It turns out that only 4% of online business owners are not interested in building an online course. The rest are either considering it or have already started.

And for good reason; some of our respondents were doing very well, 60% of them saying they were either satisfied or very satisfied with their course.

When you successfully create your online course, the money CAN be good, no doubt about it…

But the people who responded to our survey were NOT just doing it for the income and lifestyle that course building can provide for you.

No, there’s a lot more to it than that, because…


It’s Not Just About The Money!

man pic

People who set out to build courses usually do so because they want their lives to be so much more meaningful.

You and I both know that there’s more to life than just survival.

The truth is, money – while it isn’t optional in our society – is just a means to an end. And for you, that end is the freedom to live the life you want, spend time with the people you care about, and make the impact that you know you’re capable of.

That’s probably why you got interested in this whole world of online business and course building in the first place. Not *just* to make money (though that’s an important part of it), but to make a difference and do it in a way that is completely in line with your ethics and integrity.

That’s why you’ve read blog posts, listened to podcasts, bought e-books and courses, and paid for software that were all meant to make this course building dream happen for you.

And if you haven’t yet seen the success you were hoping for, there’s a good reason why.

But before I explain, I want you to know…

Plenty of others have fallen
short of success…

In our survey, many course builders had achieved success… but many more of our respondents — from across the *entire* course building industry — told us that their results were underwhelming.

I discussed this industry-wide lack of success with Ankur Nagpal, the Founder & CEO of the learning management platform Teachable, and he shared with me that only about 5% of his user base are earning in excess of a thousand dollars!

While that’s shocking to hear to anyone who hasn’t heard of the “Education vs. Information Divide” (I’ll explain that shortly), it’s pretty representative of the success rates I’ve seen across the online courses industry.

Plenty of others have fallen short of success.With such a low threshold of success, it’s a clear sign that the reality in the online courses space doesn’t match the ambitions of the people going into it.

But still, 5% of people ARE succeeding.

What’s the edge that those 5% have, that the other 95% don’t?

Here’s Why You’ve Tried and Failed

You deserve it all: financial security, the freedom it brings, and the ability to make a difference in the world.

No doubt you’ve tried a lot of things. A quick Internet search dredges up an endless list of trainings and info-products on how to make money by sharing your knowledge online.

Even then, you don’t have to go as far as Google, with your Facebook feed full of offers from individuals who are all eager to teach you how to build your first course!

And yet, every strategy, every program, every course, only gets you so far before it fizzles out, or you lose motivation… leaving you hanging with no idea what to do next.

Even though you’ve purchased course, after course, after course… nothing really WORKS. It doesn’t seem like you’re doing anything wrong, but for some reason, nothing gets you to the finish line… no matter how hard you work for it.

I know you’re not afraid of putting in the effort, but it’s a painful experience to invest all of that time, energy and effort only to have no success to show for it.

This is when loved ones start to ask questions. “How’s that online course thing going? Do you really think it’s going to work out?”

It’s enough to make you start questioning yourself, “Am I putting my energies in the right place?”

You might start to wonder if there’s something wrong with you, because if OTHERS can use these trainings, strategies, and systems to vault to amazing heights, how come you’re left lagging behind?

Are you doing something wrong? Or are you missing a bigger picture?

Actually, it’s a bit of both.

There are three main reasons why most people fail to create a successful online course:

Courses Without Proper
Coaching & Support

Building your online course empire – or even launching a single successful course – is a lot like learning any new skill.

Let’s take dancing, for example.

You can gather all of the information you want about different dance forms, the intricacies of the different moves, and how best to perform when it comes to show time.

But your progress will be hampered without two things:

  1. Regular practice
  2. Instruction from a teacher or coach, who has expertise in the form of dance you want to learn

Without these, your chances of developing your skills to a high enough level, say to perform in front of a crowd on your wedding day (like I had to), aren’t going to be very good. At least not in the short term.

What’s necessary for success is working with someone who can observe how you dance, spot the mistakes you’re making, show you how the moves should be properly executed, and correct your form… right there in the moment.


This sort of intimate and high-touch education is what’s necessary to learn a real world skill properly. But it’s a stark contrast to what you get when you buy most online information products, where you’re handed a package of videos and PDFs and then you’re left to figure out all of it by yourself…

…without any real sense of guidance, and without any personalized support from the course creators (who, if you believe the photos on their sales pages, are relaxing on a beach or a yacht somewhere sunny while you wrestle with their program).

It doesn’t seem fair.

You’ve tried your hardest to work with these people’s trainings, but without adequate support from someone who genuinely cares about your success, you never really stood a chance.

An Industry That Isn’t Equipped To Deliver You Meaningful Success

The reality of the industry is that most courses you buy are created by internet marketers.

Most of these people are good at what they do, and have valuable information that they’re eager to share.

They’re also very good at identifying a demand in the market for a particular course or information product. And when they do, they set out to fulfill that demand (usually) with the best of intentions.

Unfortunately, they don’t realize that it takes more to provide a meaningful, transformative, educational experience than just recording the information and delivering it. It also takes coaching, support, and a deep knowledge of educational principles.

But because they’re not aware of the “Information vs. Education Divide” (we’ll be getting to that shortly), no matter how good their marketing might be, their programs don’t deliver the outcomes people want and most of their products are destined to be “another course that sits on the shelf.”

puzzleIt’s unfortunate because this whole situation means the vast majority of their students (who don’t get personal access and coaching) inevitably struggle… and the marketers don’t realize there’s a better way to help students achieve the outcomes they’re eager for.

In short, the course you bought was never designed for long-term student success. Frustrating, isn’t it?

They Flunked the “Mom” Test

reason-3When it comes to creating your online course, you know it’s an important step towards building the online business that will allow you to achieve that higher level of freedom, impact, and wealth that you’re looking for.

But it can be challenging to find the *right* person or organization to guide you to success online, because so many people online flunk the “mom” test.

What’s the “mom” test?

Simple. Ask yourself, would you model your business after the way a particular person does business, and still be happy for your own mother to become a customer?

Or would you even be willing to tell her that’s the way *you* do business?

If the answer is no, then why on earth would you want to learn from them?

You wouldn’t.

Congratulations – you’re not like those other heartless, money-grubbing monsters. 🙂

But, if you purchased one of their programs, you *may* be hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars in the hole, with training or software you’d never dream of using.

And here’s the REAL kicker.

Did any of those gurus ever once ask you what your product was? Did they ever care enough to see if you actually had a viable idea for the strategies and tactics to work?

Were they willing to help adapt their educational approach to fit your situation? Were they willing to provide you personalized support to achieve the outcome you were dreaming of?

Of course not!

They just wanted to sell you their stuff, whether or not you could truly succeed with it. In short, they flunked the Mom Test.

It’s Not Your Fault!

The bottom line is this: every one of these problems, from not having enough support, to programs that were never designed for you to succeed, to refusing to build your business around unethical practices – not one of them is your fault.

You could put every ounce of your sheer will and determination into a project, but with these forces working against you, you’d still fail!

And what’s worse, every day brings a new range of options to the market; more courses from more people that have decided they TOO can teach you how to succeed in building your own course, promising that their information will be different.

Not Your Fault!These investments become harder and harder to justify to your loved ones, and to yourself.

Some days, it’s enough to make you wonder if you should just hang up your hat, and give up your dream of creating the impact, freedom, and wealth that you’ve been working towards.

But you absolutely shouldn’t. The dream is possible, and closer than you think…

You CAN Get The Support You Need,
With A TIMELESS And EFFECTIVE Strategy… That You Will Be PROUD To Tell Your Mother About!


I care about the success of my students, and I know what’s possible with the right mixture of support and strategy. I don’t want you to give up because there IS a solution, and you CAN have it all!

Picture this:

You create and launch your first course, in as little as 60 days, starting from scratch if necessary. All the while, you’re getting a high level of implementation support and coaching from your dedicated course building coach, answering your questions within 24 hours every weekday.

You’re making an incredible, positive impact on the lives of the people that you care about serving, and doing it in perfect alignment with your values and integrity. Your customers and students have an enormous amount of respect for you and are grateful for the impact you’ve made on their lives.

This may sound like a bold promise, but it’s real, and I stand behind it, because I’ve seen it become reality for my very own students.

As you’ll see, here at Mirasee, we have students from all backgrounds that have become successful course creators.

We have more case studies and testimonials from our students (REAL people, just like you) than any other course-creation program that we know of.

And while many gurus may show you testimonials they’ve collected from friends, their private clients, or from some people that have never completed their programs… that’s not us.

When it comes to you creating a successful course with what I’m going to show you, I GUARANTEE that you’ll launch a successful online course (no really, I do).

And I do it by providing you with a complete program that includes all the support you need, from dedicated coaches who’ve been there, know what they’re doing, and who have the values and integrity that are so important to building a real business that makes a difference.

I should know! I created the course and hand picked the coaches for exactly this reason.

But who am I?

I’m Someone Just Like You,
Who Wanted the Same Thing You Do…

Danny InyHi, my name is Danny Iny.

When I started out in online business, back in 2011, I had zero experience of course creation and zero experience in doing business online — I worked with my clients face to face, providing consulting services.

And yet, in less than 4 years, I took my business to 7 figures. Maybe you’ve heard some of my story… but if you have, there’s something that you might not realize: I did it from scratch.

You see, when you look around in our online space, you find a lot of names that were “overnight successes.” They just decided one day that they were going to do business online, and the next day, it happened for them in a big way.

Maybe those are the people that inspired you in the first place, with their stories of attracting 10,000 subscribers in their first week or making $100,000 in their first month?

I’ll let you in on a secret: that’s not the whole truth.

Most of these “overnight successes” got their start working for other successful companies, learning the ropes before forging out on their own. Technically, they didn’t start from scratch at all.

But I did… I was like you — I just didn’t have that experience of the online business landscape when I started out.

But here’s what I DID have: bills to pay and $250,000 of debt (that isn’t a typo) from a failed start-up company that I had tried to build.

I stumbled onto the same books, blog posts, and podcasts about developing a business online that you did — and, like you, I thought to myself that if they could do it, maybe I could, too? So I diligently did my research and noticed a pattern: all the most successful people online (the ones bragging about their yachts and laptop-on-the-beach lifestyles) seemed to be TEACHING something.

Clearly, selling courses was the ticket to riches that I’d been looking for!

Now all I had to do was create a course, and my life would be instantly transformed!

So I Built a Course…
and it FAILED

Of course, it wasn’t so simple.

I spent over 2,500 hours pouring my heart and soul into creating the best course I could ever imagine.

And when I finally finished it and released it to the world…


I remember very clearly the ONE sale that we made on launch day.

Doing some quick math, I found that I had earned $0.39 for every hour that I worked on that course.

(Clearly NOT a good return on investment!)

But why did it fail?

At first I thought it was because I didn’t have an audience… so I scrambled to build my blog, and apply every traffic-getting strategy that I could think of or find to get the word out about what I was doing.

And some of the strategies worked; pretty soon, I was leading a fairly sizeable audience…

…but still, nobody wanted to buy my course!

I was just about ready to throw in the towel, when something caught me by surprise…

The Surprise That Changed the
Course of My Business

Sold OutSee, even though I wasn’t making any money back then, my online audience had grown, and I had become something of an authority in my industry. One of the strategies that I used to great effect involved writing, and a lot of people were impressed enough to reach out and ask me to teach them how I was doing what I was doing.

And I’ll be honest… I resisted for a long time.

I mean, can you blame me? I had spent over 2,500 hours building a course that NOBODY wanted to buy… was I really going to go down that road again?

You know how they say, “once bitten, twice shy”?

Well, I’d been bitten HARD by the failure of my first course, and I was afraid to try again.

But the requests kept coming. They were unsolicited, and relentless.

So finally, I decided to build a quick course and teach them what they wanted to know… but I was going to hedge my bets.

Instead of building a whole course, I’d deliver a “pilot class” — something rough around the edges that I could build quickly.

I figured that if people liked it, and the feedback was good, then I could turn it into a full course.

And if it bombed, then at least I wouldn’t have sunk too much time into it.

So I put up a quick sales page, and sent an email to my subscribers telling them that I was going to teach this pilot class about writing, and if they’re interested, they can sign up to be one of my pilot students…

…and I was almost crushed by the stampede of customers rushing to sign up.

We sold out in less than 24 hours, so fast that I got a lot of complaints from people who wanted to sign up, but just didn’t see their email in time!

I Was Over The Moon…
But Boy, Did I Feel Stupid!

danny-iny-workingAt first, I was thrilled… finally, my business was doing well, and I felt like I had just made the greatest discovery of the online age.

But then I started looking around, and talking to my peers, and I realized something about all those successful courses I had seen online: almost every one of them had followed the same kind of piloting process on their road to success, and many of them had some big failures of their own hidden away.

It turned out that this was one of those “insider secrets” that the experts all know about, but nobody was bothering to teach to the newbies who were just getting started.

(Talk about unfair!)

So I started thinking about maybe teaching these ideas, but in the meantime, people were asking me about a whole new topic: audience building.

So I followed the same piloting process, and built the Audience Business Masterclass, which became one of the most successful courses in our company’s history.

I did it exactly the same way: one step at a time, starting with a small, rough pilot, then gathering feedback, iterating, and finally launching a course.

Students flocked to this course, and my business grew, and grew, and grew… and I was so busy doing the work and supporting my students that, for a while, I didn’t even raise my head to look around in the industry.

But when I did, I realized that something strange was going on…

That’s When I Realized
Something Was Up

See, I looked around, and realized something:

Yes, everyone who was successful with courses was following the same piloting process that we were…

…but hardly anyone was growing as fast as us.

Here’s the trajectory that we were on:


Going from zero to over a million dollars in just a few years is pretty rare, especially for someone who was legitimately starting completely from scratch – or rather, a quarter of a million dollars of debt below scratch!

The piloting process was part of that, but I realized that there was more going on under the surface…

I wanted to get to the bottom of this, so I started digging.

Now, we’d known for a long time that our students were engaging and succeeding in our programs at rates that were pretty much unheard of in our industry…

…and I began to wonder whether that might be why we were growing so fast?

If you think about it for a moment, it makes sense; if you sell better stuff, at better prices, that gets people better results, then of course more customers would find their way to you, and that’s exactly what was happening with us.

But why were our students seeing such great results?

Of course, the strategies that we teach are solid, and I knew that was part of it… but I felt like there was more to the story…

The Information vs. Education Divide


I realized the truth in a conversation with one of the coaches on my team.

The coach was telling me about working with a student who was seeing great results, and it hit me like a ton of bricks: it was the information/education divide.

In my new book, Leveraged Learning, I wrote about how a good education used to be primarily about imparting information that other people didn’t have. But now, in the age of Google and Siri and Alexa, just having information isn’t enough any more.

In a nutshell, the idea is that there are two paradigms of business in the online content world.

The first is a paradigm of INFORMATION

The classic example is a book in a bookstore.

Now, the thing about books is that once you buy them, nobody owes you anything – not the store, not the author, and not the publisher. You’ve got what you paid for, and now you’re on your own.

That’s exactly how most online courses work: you buy the course, and get the information, whether it’s delivered as text, audio, or videos in a member’s area.

But once you’ve got the information, you’re on your own. If you’re lucky, there’s a forum where you can ask other students for help (talk about the blind leading the blind!), but there’s no teacher, and no coach to help you…

The second is a paradigm of EDUCATION

The classic example of this is a school.

(Which is VERY different from a bookstore, or the online courses I had seen.)

In a school, responsibility for success and outcomes is a partnership between the teacher and the student. Yes, of course, the student has to do the work, but if they do, they can trust that they will be supported to succeed.

Remember being back in high school, sitting in your chemistry class? Your teacher walked in and slammed down a huge textbook, filled with everything you ever needed (and maybe more than you wanted!) to know about chemistry.

What would have happened if your teacher then turned around and walked out of the classroom, leaving you to your own devices? You might have read a few pages and given up, or maybe you’d read it cover to cover and never gain anything more than a theoretical knowledge of chemistry.

Or maybe, you’d have blown up the chemistry lab.

That’s not how real education works. Instead, your teacher was there with you in the lab, working through the problems and solutions (pun intended).

The teacher helped you with the experiments, corrected your potentially dangerous mistakes, and all the while, you were learning by doing.

people at lab

There’s a big difference between giving someone information and actually teaching them how to use it. And I have made it my personal mission to not just give my students the best information, but also to be with them every step of the way, lending my experience and expertise, to help them succeed.

I realized that THIS was the real driver of the rapid growth of our business, because it was the reason why our students were seeing such great success.

I had found a solution that worked for regular people, like you and me… even if they’re starting from scratch.

How My Newfound Knowledge
Became the Course Builder’s Laboratory

It started by testing our ideas; first in the pilot course, and then in a live four-day training to my private students…

…then we built the first version course, in painstaking detail…

…I hand picked a select group of coaches to help students through the material…

…I trained my coaches in the course building methodologies I’d discovered…

…we opened the doors, and hundreds of students signed up…

…we got to work supporting them, and soon, they were achieving great successes, in all manner of niches and industries, ranging from healthcare, to relationships, to corporate strategy, to travel, and everything in between.

Even then, we didn’t rest on our laurels; we watched closely to see where our students struggled, and continued to improve the course, to help them do better.

After enrolling thousands of students and continuously taking their feedback on board, we asked ourselves “How can we further improve the program?”

And on multiple occasions, based on what we learned from our students, we decided to rebuild the program from the ground up. It wasn’t a decision that we made lightly, but it was the right decision for our students.

We also had to totally rethink our coaching model to make sure we could bring the maximum amount of support and coaching value to our students in the most economical manner.

Now, after multiple years of tweaking, honing, and refining, we’re in version 4.0 of the Course Builder’s Laboratory, and our recent changes have made the course better than ever (more about that soon).

It was hard work, but…



Determining Your Pilot Course

How to map out the journey for what you’ll
teach your students in your first successful course

Before you can build your course, you need to be clear on what you’re doing, where you’re going, and how you’re going to get there. The program starts with mapping out a 30,000-foot view of what’s involved in taking your business project from idea to profitable course.

  • How to define your target market online… in a way that gives you the best possible chance for success. Few courses spend enough time on this essential step. Marketing online can be tricky, but don’t worry. You’ll get details not just on choosing and defining your market, but validating it, too.
  • A simple system for discovering the best possible course idea for your specific skill set. One of the most important steps in the course building process is deciding what your course should be about. Here is where we’ll show you a simple system for discovering the best place to start with your first “pilot” course.
  • A quick and proven method to validate your course idea has legs… before you invest months or years researching and building it. This is the special validation process that all of our successful students used to ensure they ditched their bad ideas before they led them astray!
  • The “honest” mindset of success every course builder needs to adopt. This is more important than you think! But once you get this, you’ll be focused and have momentum on your side… launching your first pilot course in as little as 60 days.
  • Our proven roadmap to online success… which works no matter what level of online experience you’re starting with. Even if you have no online presence whatsoever, we’ll show you how to lay out your essential – and achievable – road map to build a successful and thriving online course.


Researching Your Pilot Course

How to dive to the core of what your
future students are eager to learn

Most people, when they get a course idea, hole up in their bat-cave and start drafting the course they always wanted to create. BIG MISTAKE! Before you start building, you need to be sure you know what people want to learn – so the time you invest actually pays off and students are eager to sign up for your course.

  • The simple, natural way to figure out what people are hoping you can teach them. This is the exact technique I used to build my business from zero to multiple 7-figures in just a few years.
  • How to guarantee your course idea will SELL. There’s an important difference between something your market wants, and something they’re willing to BUY. These research techniques will show you how to find out what problems people are happy to pay to have solved.
  • A simple step-by-step process to discover the language that will excite your prospects at the mere mention of your course idea. Miss this and your course simply WILL NOT resonate with the core buyers in YOUR market!
  • How to research your competitors like a high-level marketer… in a fraction of the time. We’ll show you how to benchmark the competitive landscape, so you can find the perfect place in the market, where your course will shine.
  • How to “magic wand” your course ideas to make them irresistible to your audience. This secret technique was developed by a behavioral scientist, and supercharges the appeal of your course to your target audience (don’t worry, it’s completely ethical!)
  • Our secret to getting paid for your course… *while you build it*. This “risk reduction” technique gets you proof that people will pay you BEFORE you build a thing.


Planning Your Pilot Course

How to get your pilot course set up for success… FAST!

One of the most common mistakes people make is over-planning around the wrong idea. By the time YOU get to the planning stage, you’ll already have validated what will work (or what won’t) – and you’ll be ready to plan the elements of your pilot course that will be necessary to make your first sale!

  • The 3 types of “course structure” that you can use for your new course. These proven structures work best for online courses, and depending on your course material, time commitment, and personality, we’ll show you which is the best structure for you.
  • Simple and straightforward guidelines to find the right price for your course. Pricing is one of those headache inducing topics that we can all lose our minds to. Too much? Too little?! Skip all the self-doubt with our unique P.R.I.C.E. system to find your perfect price point.
  • How to avoid the “pilot paralysis” that CAN keep you from getting your first course rolling out the door. The #1 most common pitfall that kills momentum is over-planning. Let us show you how to deftly dodge that problem and get your course content in front of your students – FAST!
  • Little-known secrets for planning your perfect lessons. Overwhelming your students is the kiss of death. It will cause either inaction or, worse, refund requests. You’ll learn exactly how to craft your lessons so students get exactly what they need.
  • The key to welcoming new students… so they feel right at home from the beginning. Getting this right is the key to a happy student experience – and to building great word-of-mouth marketing for your course.
  • Simple solutions for every important technology challenge. Whether it’s video-call software or payment processors, online courses DO require some tech know-how. But fear not, you’ll learn the simplest methods to deliver your course, and your coach will help you decide on the technology that makes the most sense for you.


Selling Your Pilot Course

Simple and Ethical Sales Strategies To Ensure
Your Course Is Full Of Happy, Paying Students

After you’ve planned out the basic elements of your pilot, it’s time to enroll your first paying students! This is where the REAL fun begins. We’ll walk through different strategies for selling your pilot, and help you determine the best fit for your style and situation.

  • How to overcome your sales fears. Selling can make you feel nervous, because it means you may have to face rejection. But with our super-comfortable (and effective) sales strategies, you’ll overcome your worries and become a natural sales generator!
  • The power of co-creation. This simple psychological phenomenon will have a powerfully positive impact on how your students feel about you and your course. You learn how to get your students MORE engaged and find your course MORE valuable… at the same time!
  • Mirasee’s 3 proven, ethical sales strategies… and how to decide which is best for you. From simple, friendly conversations, and emails, to sales pages and webinars… we’ll show you a number of strategies to make sure you’re effectively getting the right students into your course.
  • How to honestly evaluate your sales results. It’s normal for at least a few people to say “no, thanks” to your offer, but how do you know if you’ve been successful or not? You’ll learn exactly how to assess your results and troubleshoot any issues.


Delivering Your Pilot Course

How to deliver your pilot course in a way
that leads directly to long-term success

A successful pilot isn’t one that wins rave reviews. It’s one that tells you whether it’s time to scale your course or take it another direction altogether. But those decisions need to be based on measurable results, not gut feelings. We’ll show you how to deliver and evaluate your pilot, so you’re on the fast-track to success.

  • The pilot course “litmus test” to measure whether it was a success or not. The deciding factor for whether your course should be scaled or adapted. Your expert coach will guide you in identifying your best path for long-term success and sustainability.
  • Your 3 options for moving forward based on the success of your pilot. You’ll know exactly which option is right for you, so you can move forward with confidence.
  • The powerful concept of “pilot iteration.” How it can help you develop a winning course you can scale to help more people and bring in higher profits.
  • How to turn failure into ultimate success. A failed pilot isn’t a failure. It’s rich information about what doesn’t work. And while it can be tempting to see it as wasted time, we’ll show you how to use that information to adapt your course and turn it into something FAR more meaningful (and profitable).


Outlining Your Full-Scale Course

How to set up your full-scale course for massive success

Once you’re ready to turn your pilot into a full-scale product, you’ll have many decisions to make. The devil is in the details, so in this module, we dive deep into launching your first full-scale course. With the feedback and the insights you’ve gained from your pilot, you’ll nail down your vision for your final product.

  • How to choose the right format and final price for your course. With so many possibilities, choices CAN seem endless. But in reality there are only two options you need to consider, and we’ll show you exactly what they are.
  • A simple (but crazy effective) 2-stage “marketing launch plan” that gives your course the best chance of sales success. You’ll get detailed examples and planning guides. And best of all, you’ll have direct one-on-one support throughout the entire launch process from your coach.
  • The best months and days of the week to launch your course. When it comes to selling your course, timing is everything. We’ll show you PROVEN timeframes that will add a big boost to your launch results.
  • How to use “Joint Venture Partners” to increase your sales… and the right way to approach them so they’ll say yes. You’ll get “from-the-trenches” insights about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to attracting partners, including the most important pieces of information they’ll want from you.
  • The 2 types of partner launches you should consider… and how to make sure they both go off without a hitch. With our guidance, you’ll be able to easily decide which is right for you.


Creating Your Full-Scale Course

How to launch your final product to the whole wide world (with wild applause)

At this stage, your focus is simply providing a stellar student experience. We’ll take you step-by-step through what to do and how to do it, so you can create a course that blows away your students’ expectations, while giving them their best chance of success.

  • A simple phrase that slashes refund requests. Not only will you know when to say it, but exactly how to phrase it. The result? Students become more engaged and action-focused in your course!
  • The 3 things you MUST include in your welcome email. Skip any of these and it could cause confusion, overwhelm, and refund requests.
  • The 5 learning styles and 2 modalities to consider for maximum success. These ensure every student learns in a way that’s best suited for them. This is the “gold standard” secret for making every student feel your course was designed just for them!
  • Simple “Instructional design” methods that will take your course from good to great. Plus 4 ways to structure your lessons so learning is easy and engagement remains high, from start to finish.
  • How to build an effective learning environment for your students. From your technology to your learning management system options, we’ll show you the best, most cost-effective options – even for non-techies.
  • 4 straightforward options for supporting your students. Discover easy-to-use, proven ways to provide great student support, in a way that’s scalable, won’t break the bank, and won’t eat all of your precious time.


Marketing Your Full-Scale Course

Simple and proven strategies to get
an endless stream of eager new students

By now, your online course is complete, it’s a proven success, and you’re ready to grow your business further by picking one of five proven growth strategies to take you to the next level. Your only guideline: play to your strengths.

  • The “Warm-Traffic Pyramid.” Learn two effective methods to build a large audience with warm traffic (the nice part about this approach is there’s little-to-no financial outlay to begin with!)
  • Cold-traffic “flywheels.” Use these to generate new traffic to your site from other platforms. Don’t worry, we’ve simplified this advanced strategy, so even a digital newbie can understand it (and profit!)
  • How to choose between a “content play” or a “JV play.” At a certain point, you’ll want to go one way or another. You’ll see where the best place is for you to start, based on your personality and growth goals.
  • How to incorporate paid traffic to build your audience… FAST. Paid traffic requires a bigger commitment from you — in both time and finances — but it can give you BIG results with some simple optimization strategies.
  • Advanced growth tools and strategies — where to go for your next steps. Tools and resources to get your full course in front of bigger audiences and sustain your income.

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