Dan Gramza – Market Studies Foundation Course

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Product Name: Dan Gramza – Market Studies Foundation Course
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Dan Gramza – Market Studies Foundation Course

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Worldwide, traders from over 35 Exchanges, 450 institutions and 35 countries have participated in Daniel Gramza’s interactive courses.
Sharpen your trading strategies and strengthen your trades by attending this in-depth course led by Dan Gramza. This 2-part online course will introduce you to techniques you can instantly incorporate into your trading.
The concepts and techniques presented can be expanded and applied to a variety of markets and trading timeframes in addition to those presented in Dan’s daily market studies videos.
Gain a better understanding of how to apply Dan’s proprietary strategies to the markets, including identification of specific trading parameters, market conditions that lead to profitable trades, where to place risk-management stops, and specific clues that will help you determine when a trade should be productive and when it’s failing.

You will learn:
PART 1 (76 minutes)

  • Trade Identification Tools
    • Buying and selling candle price behavior
    • Current volatility characteristics
    • Market rhythm
  • Trend Symmetry
  • Trend Analysis
  • Trade Entry — Buy the Break — Sell the Rally
    • 24 Hour Market Characteristics
    • Be Prepared For Any Outcome!
    • High / Low Market Profile Volume References

PART 2 (65 minutes)

  • Trade Management Tools
    • Trade Buy And Sell Signal Criteria
    • Trade Set Up
    • Trade Profit Objective
    • Trade Profit and Risk Management
    • Trade Development
    • Initial Stop Placement After A Large Move
    • Profit Objective Application
    • Incremental Change Analysis
    • Option Considerations

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