Christina Szekeres – Ad Accounts & Scaling Secrets

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Product Name: Christina Szekeres – Ad Accounts & Scaling Secrets
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Christina Szekeres – Ad Accounts & Scaling Secrets

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In this training you’ll learn the secrets behind reaching unlimited spend up to $250,000 / day while getting almost zero audits and how to scale efficiently within one ad account therefore increasing your ROAS quicker than ever!
how to avoid instant bans on Facebook,how to warm up the ad accounts properly so your Quality Score is off the roof,how to pile up 100s of accounts – or as many you’d like,how to structure profitable ad campaigns on Facebook that sets you up for success right away by instantly decreasing the CPC prices and getting quality traffic that converts,get access to an agency ad account rental opportunity so you can launch and scale without being limited by spend or constant reviews
Ad Accounts & Scaling Secrets is your one-stop source of reliable long-lasting ad account and scaling tactics used by advanced performance marketers. This system will provide you with all the information that you need to launch and scale your ad campaigns on Facebook without any turbulence. Anything you can think of you’ll find it in there, for example landing pages setup rules, warm-up techniques, Shopify, Clickfunnels and CPA Network best practices. You’ll learn all the tips and tricks and gain access to all the tools and contacts that you need to run your ad campaigns AT SCALE within one ad account!
It contains several hours of high quality recorded training videos that will teach you the nitty gritty of running ads successfully on Facebook. You will have a full understanding of what triggers ad account flaggings and how to avoid them. Furthermore you will have the opportunity to rent agency accounts so you can run your ad campaigns uninterrupted at scale!

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