Chris Do – The Futur – Business Bootcamp (2018)

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Product Name: Chris Do – The Futur – Business Bootcamp (2018)
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Chris Do – The Futur – Business Bootcamp (2018)

Chris Do - The Futur – Business Bootcamp (2018)

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And yet, great businesses are built. How do they come out on top?
When you’re building something bigger than you, that’s when the growing pains kick in. You feel like you’ve hit a wall—hard. You’re stumped. Every hurdle you’ve crossed before seems like pure luck, and every obstacle in front of you is plastered with Stop Signs. What’s keeping you from getting back up?
You can’t find new clients.

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Where do you even find clients? Why haven’t clients found you? Your website is up, you’re publishing content, and you’re networking at every opportunity. You’ve crossed your T’s and dotted all of your I’s to put yourself out there, but for some reason, it’s just not working.
You’re not making more money.
Revenue isn’t growing—or worse, it’s staying in the same place, month over month. The growth you’ve sought just isn’t coming to fruition. But how? You have clients, projects, and you’re still in business, so you must be doing something right. What could you be missing?
Your work doesn’t change.
You’ve tried to go for bigger, better projects, but that’s proven to be easier said than done. Other creative entrepreneurs, who provide the same services as you, are charging double, triple, or even quadruple what you’re charging, and landing those projects. Does the thought of attempting the same feel paralyzing?
You feel like bigger clients are out of reach.
Dream clients are either worlds apart or just unapproachable. What do you have to do to break into that next tier of clients, work with big-name brands, and separate yourself from your competitors? You know that it’s possible for you, but how can you tell if the first step is even the right step?
You can’t build the right team.
Finding and keeping great people has been taxing. Maybe you’ve met candidates who look great on paper but are the complete opposite at work. You know there are team players out there who are talented, have a vested interest in your business, and mesh well with your mission. You just don’t know how to refine your search.

Get immediately download Chris Do – The Futur – Business Bootcamp (2018)