Chris Davis – Martial Body – Connected Body

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Defining the ‘Connected Body’

The ConnectedBody method helps you to develop the tissues and neurological associations required to move with power and strength along any any plane. The body is full of connections, from muscles to bone, muscles to muscles and everything in between. This module is focused on strengthening these connections, removing the slack from the system and creating a body that links muscle action, connective tissues and co-ordination in every motion.

Rehab and recovery

It is said that virtually every major injury in the life of an athlete is to the connective tissues or bones. When your connective tissues are weak, you are not moving with consolidation and are ultimately inefficient you tend to get injured. Many methods will train the musculature to try to protect the joints, but in the connected body method we also focus on training the connective tissues themselves and the neurology that controls the whole system. Strengthening the connectivity inside our bodies will enhance injury rehabilitation, but also allow us to avoid overloading individual muscles or joints so that we can protect them from injury.

Combative Considerations The ‘ConnectedBody’ training will dramatically increase your power and efficiency by backing up every motion with the entire body. When you move an inch, the whole body backs it up because you have trained the body to remain connected. Also, our sensitivity to pressure and our ability to change to that pressure increases when we maintain connection. If you imagine the tissues of the body to be like a spiders web, every part will let you know what the opponents it trying to do the instant they try to do it.

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