Chris Bruce – Acquisition & Conversion

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Product Name: Chris Bruce – Acquisition & Conversion
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Chris Bruce – Acquisition & Conversion

Chris Bruce - Acquisition & Conversion

What You Get With Acquisition & Conversion…
“I’d say the quality of our life is defined by the right education, the right coaches to help you when you get stuck, and surrounding yourself with positive people who hold you to your best. This is why I created Acquisition & Conversion — to give you what I wish I had when I started years ago building my real estate business.”
1. Bi-weekly you’ll be invited to a private and live web conference that I personally host…
It will be jam-packed with one high-level strategy that is working now for me in business. The basic theme of the training is that they must be current, simple, and focus on helping you get seller leads, buyer leads, and close deals.
2. At the end of each call, you can get live and interactive video coaching from me…
This is where you can join me live and ask questions face-to-face. Sometimes it’s great to have someone with experience who you can talk through your idea to gain clarity. Or to notice your blind spot that is holding you back from making progress on a goal.
3. You’ll join an online mastermind of positive minded real estate investors who take action…
We’ve assembled an incredible group of Wholesalers, Flippers, and Side-Hustlers in our online community. People check into our private Facebook group daily to ask questions, get feedback on a new marketing strategy, share wins, and joint venture with like-minded investors.
Finding Real Estate Deals In Today’s Market Just Got Easier…
The lifeline of your real estate business is dependant on how good you are at getting your phone to ring with new Seller & Buyer leads consistently.

To be honest most real estate investors suck at this. Quite frankly it’s not your fault. With the market being on fire, and more and more investors entering the business. It’s became a challenge to keep your phone ringing with new deals.Today is the day this will change.

You’ll develop master marketing strategies that produces 100’s of leads daily, you’ll discover the simplest yet most lucrative principles for mass seller and buyer lead acquisition and conversion.
Make the Investment In Yourself!
I tried to pack as much value inside Acquisition & Conversion with the training, coaching, and community. You are getting thousands of dollars of value in your first month alone.

You can enroll in Acquisitions & Conversion for just $49 per month.

Or if you commit to 12 months right now for just $490, I’ll give you two months free ($98 savings).

For a very limited time, annual members also receive TWO business building gifts worth $3,993!
Everything You Need To Know About Getting Leads And Converting Them Into Dollars In Your Bank Account
Anyone who joins gets access to the previous three months trainings. But when you sign on as an annual member, I’ll instantly unlock every past Inner Circle recording (worth $2,994). This library contains over 20 hours of training and direct coaching with Inner Circle members. So you can not only learn what’s working now to get you traffic, leads, and sales, but you can also learn from the real life examples in the group.
Fill Your Pipeline With Leads
Have new motivated seller leads wanting to sell you their house everyday.
Generate Bigger & Consistent Monthly Profits!
Enjoy the benefits of growing your pipeline of leads and deals.
Watch Your Business, Income, And Lifestyle Soar!
See your income grow, and finally start to live your desired lifestyle
Over 20 Hours of Lead Generation & Closing Sales Video Training
 Building up Your Buyers List
 Offline & Online Marketing Strategies To Find Deals
 5-Figures in 15 Days Blueprint
 Building Your Wholesaling Empire
Bi-Weekly Live Q & A + Role Play Interaction
Get live “how to” coaching and Q&A with Chris Bruce detailing for you how to duplicate his same Acquisition process and marketing automation tactics he uses in his business.

Get immediately download Chris Bruce – Acquisition & Conversion

You’ll get the opportunity to participate in LIVE ROLE PLAY scenarios to help you develop the art and skills of negotiation and converting warm and hot leads into deals.

Now you’ll know how to set-up and execute the same tactics in your own business which Chris uses to power his million dollar marketing machine.
You’ll also get access to Chris’s personal and private collection of new swipe- worthy cold call scripts, contracts, seller & buyer lead scripts, & marketing assets. Updated monthly.

So you can see and use the same postcards, letters, ads, skip tracing & cold calling & Ringless Voicemail systems and campaign structure that Chris uses in his own business.

This allows you to totally take all of the guess work out, so you can focus on running and scaling the business.
Grow Your Skills & Motivation In The A&C Community
Get input, guidance, motivation, and insights from hundreds of top investors around the country.

Now, you no longer have to struggle or be afraid to say the wrong thing while talking on the phone, or in person with a homeowner.

You’ll never waste time again talking with a Unmotivated Seller that won’t ever sell you their home for pennies on the dollar.

Instead, you can feel confident that all of your marketing will do the heavy lifting for you to indentify a sellers motivation, and position you to be an authority figure, and the sole person to fix the problem the sellers are experiencing. Which equals a BIG pay day for you.
Acquisition &Conversion Training
Your coach inside A&C is Chris Bruce — The marketing & virtual wholesaling expert other experts go to when they need help with their own marketing campaigns.

From personally investing in 5 different markets and having students in over 49 states all in different markets all across the country. I’ve seen it all.

No matter what city and state you’re investing in, Chris can show you how to acquire leads and convert them into deals effectively.

And that’s exactly what he does for you inside of Acquisitions & Conversion.
Join An Amazing Community!
Stay As Long as You’d Like
Every year I meet with a group of Investors at the REI Mastermind Retreat who pays me $5,000 for two days to meet up, network, and learn the high-level things that are working for me in my business.

And the attendees will tell you it’s worth every penny of the experience.

But, I wanted to create something bigger where I can teach what is working in my business and help my followers plug into an amazing community at an incredible value.

And for just $1.63 a day, you can do that with Acquisitions & Conversion.

I’m confident you will love it and I am offering it at this low of a price because I believe when you see the value inside, you will want to stick with me year after year to watch your business thrive.

However, with Acquisitions & Conversion, you have no contracts or minimum monthly commitments.

If you ever want to cancel your membership, just contact my support desk 30-days before you want to end your membership. We won’t pressure you to stay and if you ever cancel, I’ll still welcome you back if you want to rejoin.

I want only serious real estate investors here who are committed to their vision and committed to taking massive action. Does that sound like you?

If so, join Acquisitions & Conversion right now and let’s grow your business together!

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