Chameice Daniel – Healing Series 5

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Chameice Daniel – Healing Series 5

ACADEMY HEALING SERIES is happy to present
The Source Code
by Chameice Daniel
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Are you tired of trying EVERYTHING while hoping and praying that this will finally be the thing that releases you from a life stuck on a loop?
Are you tired of a life of lack and limitation at every turn?

The Seals that block sovereignty cause most people unnecessary blame, shame, and judgment so you never truly access the blissful life you are destined for.

These seals are holding you back from healing yourself and creating the ultimate life of your dreams but they can be released!
Chameice has spent years breaking the seals, one by one, to reactivate ALL 13 DNA helixes from the zero point to fully anchor into destined potential.

She sees exactly how these 7 Deadly Seals’ run and where your body has stored them. She knows and can share with you exactly how to break the seals and activate all dormant DNA helixes, so you can finally see who you truly are and what you are truly capable of. This allows you to break free of living on loop!
Are you experiencing…

Physical symptoms like: Chronic Fatigue, Autoimmune Disorders, Body Pain, Self Medicating
Money/Abundance Issues: Goes out faster than comes in, Can’t enjoy abundance due to guilt, Unable to attract what you really desire in life
Loss of Zeal for things that used to bring joy or Lackluster Living
Challenges relating to others: Feeling Disconnected, being a virtual recluse, Impatience with those who “aren’t awake”, Inability to trust yourself or others, Unable to attract your Soul Tribe or Soulmate, Resentment that others “get ahead” while you’re stuck
Monkey Mind or Brain Imbalance
Sense of Self/Inner Guidance Compromised: No access to your passion & purpose, Lack of Intuitive Insight
Emotional Challenges: Overdrive, Frustration from trying to heal with little to no results, Empathic Imbalance

These Struggles aren’t your fault – but you can do something about them

Thousands of years ago, humanity was energetically and physiologically enslaved and sealed into a disempowerment template. You’ve heard healers talk about releasing people from “dark” influence, entities, implants, DNA manipulations, etc. and templates of karma, sin, debt, slavery, and amnesia.

Because of this you forgot your divinity, your natural abilities, your connection to the cosmic web of All That Is.

You do NOT have to buy into the LIE you’ve been fed that you NEED others to “save” you or heal your life to heal health, wealth, love, or anything else that is out of balance for you. To save you from yourself. You are not flawed, incomplete, unworthy, a sinner like you’ve been taught.

The ONLY reason you haven’t been able to heal it yet is because you can’t feel it. The seals have disconnected your natural flow and you are unable to access all 13 DNA helixes for full potential!

All of humanity was sealed in an attempt to enslave them into a manufactured and fractured reality that loops them into agreements that maintain the seals
Here’s The Good News…

Once you break the agreements: You can see the seals clearly to break them.

You shatter the illusion that you cannot heal and create as you so choose.

You flow with limitless potential and possibility because you are a Spark of Source!

With ALL 13 DNA helixes operating fully, you access your full life force energy…your inherit source connection.
Break The Seals And You’ll Access…

Ability to consciously Intend and Create your highest timelines- no more unworthiness programs!
Energy flowing properly at 100% for optimal health, vitality, and cognitive function AND Fountain of Youth
Connection into your highest self, source, and your divine team for automatic true sight of self
Your intuitive abilities to guide you to open doors of possibility, keep you on track, keep you out of harms way, and much more
Ability to speak your truth instantly, set clear boundaries, and love unconditionally
Mind, body, and spirit running congruently and multidimensionally so you remain balanced, relaxed, and able to handle life easily
Feel safe in the physical dimension your body resides making physical manifestation easy: magnetize your desires easily, have the energy and focus to create almost effortlessly
New neurological pathways that serve your highest timelines and potential

If you’re like most people:

Right now you cannot see past the illusion that has been spun before you by all of the agreements and not having access to all 13 DNA helixes.

You don’t believe that you can break the seals that keep the mental loops, programs, and your energy running out of sync with your intentions

You don’t realize that you can activate your full DNA potential.
But you can! The Seals Are Starting To Crack Already…

As this happens you may find that you’re being flooded with pain, sorrow, fear, and all of the residual energy that has accumulated on top of the seal.

You’ve begun to activate dormant DNA helixes with the power of your intention, but without all of them activated and in sync it potentially causes a myriad of health issues autoimmune disorders, endocrine disruptions, chronic fatigue, and much more. This is because your body is not running properly to handle the influx of energy.

Under the seals and in your full DNA activation… your true power, highest potential and recognition, and divine blueprint resides.
With these Seals and your DNA dormant, you may sense that you have the ability to do Energy Work’ but feel stuck and uncertain

When connected into the Probability Field due to the seals, you receive information that isn’t aligned to the highest good. Illusion program energies will still hook and influence you without your conscious awareness.

It’s time for you to break free of the illusion once and for all, break the Seals, activate your DNA and access the Infinite Quantum Field to access your Highest Good, get out of this infinite loop and find your true path.
Here is What You will Receive:

This package will assist in…

Releasing the seals
Activating ALL 13 DNA helixes
Restructuring your energetic field to handle the higher frequencies of encoding coming in to prevent endocrine system failure that so many people are experiencing right now
Anchoring you into the Infinite Quantum Field beyond the Probability Field so you’re receiving accurate guidance.


Through these audios, you’ll experience the Theta brainwave frequency that goes deep into subconscious patterning for full release.

The MP3s contain divine protection and are infused with essential oils, crystals, and energy that support the topic of the MP3.
Breaking Seal #1: Pride (mp3)

Breaking Seal 1 assists in releasing “pride.” Pride is an easily programmable emotion. It is often determined by societal, cultural, religious, or socioeconomic perspectives.

There is nothing fundamentally wrong with “pride,” but we need to ensure it is not based off of blind influence. This MP3 resets pride into the frequency of “to be conscious.” To be conscious means to be aware of and responding to one’s surroundings: AWAKE.

This is a balanced approach that includes self awareness and critical thinking. It creates awareness of truth. This MP3 releases distraction and influence programs from the third eye.
Breaking Seal #2: Envy (mp3)

Breaking Seal 2 assists in releasing “envy.” Envy is a programmed emotional response to others or life. When you’re in your full power and knowing, you do not envy another. Instead you’re inspired by them or by a desirable situation trusting that you too can obtain it.

With this MP3 you’ll reset “envy” into benevolence. Being benevolent, the quality of being well meaning, keeps you open and in the flow. You’re not restricting your energy to not receive with feelings of being unable or unworthy to receive all that you desire.

This not only increases your magnetism to things you desire more of, it increases your ability to receive them in the physical because you are open to receiving them. This keeps you connected into the web of life and all of creation.

With this MP3 you’ll release disconnection and division programs from your heart.
Breaking Seal #3: Greed (mp3)

Breaking Seal 3 assists in releasing “greed.” The frequency of “greed” plays out in many programmed responses in your daily life. It’s:

Hoarding due to a subconscious fear of not having enough someday
Control due to a subconscious fear of not being free to really choose
Living on autopilot due to a subconscious fear to step into the unknown

The many ways individuals play out the frequency of “greed” is limitless. You’ve been programmed to believe that you need to: “be careful, hurry to get ahead, save for misfortunes of the future, keep a watchful eye on others, etc.”

This programs your energy into “greed”:

Into doing whatever is necessary to get ahead, even at others expense
To overlook situations that you know are wrong or not speak up because you don’t want a negative experience too
To resist helping others out of fear that you won’t have enough if you do

When you’re programmed to greed in this way you strategize, overthink, and move into lack or limitation instead of staying anchored into the natural flow of abundant living.

What goes out, naturally flows back in…like oxygen. This MP3 resets “greed” into beneficence. Beneficence is an act of charity, mercy, and kindness with a strong connotation of doing good to others. This frequency is momentum! It keeps things moving and growing in your life! It prevents you from getting stuck or stagnating. This MP3 releases fearful sight of the future in the third eye, so you see infinite abundance.
Breaking Seal #4: Sloth (mp3)

Breaking Seal 4 assists in releasing “sloth.” Sloth is defined as reluctance to work or make an effort. Which can be exhibited as procrastination, inconsistency, lack of enthusiasm, lack of will, and many other physical/mental manifestations of “sloth” frequency. “Sloth” frequencies are the number 1 reason most people cannot fully manifest their every desire…it is a power drain.

This frequency sealed you into:

the odds are against me
I can only achieve ____ much
I come from ____ so I can’t do _____

I need more ____ before I can _____
_____ is against you

It slows or blocks you from seeing past and actioning past your agreed limitations. It encourages you to give up before you achieve your goals because you just don’t have what it takes. This MP3 resets you into fortitude. Into the courage, tenacity, and gumption that you need to create all that you desire. This MP3 releases disempowering agreements and programs from your Solar Plexus, so you connect back into Eternal Life Force energy.
Breaking Seal #5: Lust (mp3)

Breaking Seal 5 assists with releasing “lust.” Lust is the frequency of conditional love. It is a temporary vibrational frequency that is easily set by societal, cultural, ancestral, or religious programming.

You are taught:

What those around you “find attractive.”
What qualities you “should” desire in a partner based on their perspective.

This is what makes it a conditional and temporary frequency…because it isn’t based on your authentic soul truth. You will dream about them, search for them, believe that everything will be perfect once you have them, but they are not perfect next to your expectations.

This MP3 releases programs based on conditional love from your Sacral Chakra so you are free of the lust programs that limit your ability to love unconditionally.
Breaking Seal #6: Gluttony (mp3)

Breaking Seal 6 assists with releasing ” Gluttony.” Gluttony is the vibration of over-indulgence…of self medicating on something desirable to fill the absence of a desirable life. It is pulling life out of balance from one extreme to another. It is avoidance and resistance of what you are not letting go of and moving into.

This MP3 releases self medicating programs to bring in balance. It gently guides you into creating the change you need in your life to stop the loops of avoidance and resistance in your Crown Chakra so you can flow into your True Will…a moment to moment path of action that operates in perfect harmony with All That Is.
Breaking Seal #7: Wrath (mp3)

Breaking Seal 7 assists with releasing “Wrath.” This frequency keeps individuals locked into the blame and shame programs towards self or others.

It creates:

Self-sabotage due to feeling incomplete
Unworthiness due to being a “sinner”
Anger due to judgmental mindsets

The anger creates an energetic fog that blocks your self awareness, sight, and ability to stay true to ourselves.

You then allow others to pull you out of alignment via your emotional responses. You have a tendency to do things you regret that lead to further self judgment.

This MP3 resets you into integrity. As it releases “wrath” energies:

You’re able to maintain a balanced and conscious emotional state to problematic people and situations in your life.
You can maintain mental clarity to truly see, hear, and understand the situations clearly and respond according to your truth.
You’re able to set clear boundaries and speak your truth.
You release energy from others attempting to suck you into agreements or programs that are not in alignment with your integrity.

This MP3 releases judgment and sinner programs from your root chakra to fully anchor you into sovereign physicality.

The Source Code

Total Value



13 DNA Helixes Deep Healing Audio Series

DNA, deoxyribonucleic acid, is a self-replicating material present in nearly all living organisms as the main constituent of chromosomes. It is the carrier of genetic information.

When most people think about DNA, they think it determines blue or brown eyes, short or tall, predispositions to health conditions, etc…but, not only is it a complex system made up of a combination of genetic information, 50% from your mother and 50% from your father, that determines your physiological appearance it also contains what biologists call “Junk DNA.” Molecular Biologists are now renaming this DNA “Unprogrammed DNA.” They now realize the power of our conscious awareness to reactivate and reprogram our dormant DNA helixes!

Our DNA is programmed by our biological ancestors throughout generations, by our parents and our environment before we are old enough to have a choice, our culture, socioeconomic status, the collective, and our experiences throughout life also program our DNA via our subconscious agreements or painful experiences that create pain expectation loops. We could call this our default programming. Most children mimic their parents, people in their immediate environment, their culture, and so forth to fit in. They don’t want to get into trouble, be bullied, or appear strange, so they blend in with their surrounds…they accept the programs. This series of MP3s activates your dormant DNA Helixes, reconnects them, balances them, and reprograms them into YOUR true, conscious will.
Activating & Reconnecting Your 13 DNA Helixes (MP3)

With this MP3 you’ll activate, reconnect, and balance all of your 13 DNA helixes.

This MP3 MUST BE LISTENED TO FIRST! This is the MP3 that activates ALL 13 DNA Helixes
Reharmonizing Your 13 DNA Helixes (MP3)

With this MP3 you’ll harmonize all 13 DNA Helixes with each other and the rest of your body.
Healing Multidimensional Frequencies (MP3)

With this MP3 you’ll structure your mind and body to handle all of the new adjustments made with the Reharmonizing Your 13 DNA Helixes MP3 so you do not experience endocrine or nervous system overload.

After fully activating all 13 of your dormant DNA Helixes you have access to more than you ever have before…you:

Heal faster
Have more energy
Access information faster
Are your Multidimensional Self

Releasing Empathic Imbalances (MP3)

Being empathic is a programmed imbalance. You’re not meant to “take on” other people’s emotions or energy “as your own.” If you feel you’re not able to distinguish your emotions or energy from other people’s emotions or energy it is a sure sign that you have a empathic imbalance.

As children you’re taught to focus on your parents, teachers, and leaders to keep you safe, to teach you, to guide you, etc. As a Sensitive Soul, you can easily be programmed to always remain focused on others to the point that it overrides your own energy and emotions. It blurs your connection with Self. It blends into your energetic field to such a degree that you lose true sight of self.

With this MP3 you’ll create a natural “seal” around your energetic field, so you no longer blur and blend with others.

You will not be sensitive to large groups of people, you can maintain boundaries, you can see through manipulation, you can see narcissistic tendencies in others clearly, you know and trust yourself again.
New Health (MP3)

Once all 13 of your DNA Helixes are activated, connected, and balanced we can begin the reprogramming phase. This is the first step…reprogramming your DNA to optimal health. This program sets your DNA into New Health.

This rejuvenates your physical body and allows your body to heal properly with healthy cellular turn over. Aches, pains, disease, and chronic health conditions can finally heal properly.
Fountain of Youth (MP3)

The next step in reprogramming your DNA is Anti-Aging. Your natural physiological process is to age gracefully…you do NOT have to suffer as you age because your energy wanes, your vitality decreases, you lose your faculties and senses.

This is a program that you’ve been taught. This MP3 returns your vitality, energy, youthfullness!
Gene Repair (MP3)

As you listen, you’ll repair what you’ve been genetically predisposed to…

High or low blood sugar
High or low blood pressure

Heart disease
Alzheimer’s disease

…just to name a few. This MP3 helps you repair ALL gene disorders and malfunctions.

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