Cat Howell – Academy Program

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Product Name: Cat Howell – Academy Program
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Cat Howell – The Incubator

Cat Howell – The Incubator

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Attract Trophy Clients & 

Scale Your Agency to $20K/mths

The Incubator 

  • Discover your niche
  • ​Position your solution
  • ​Automate your lead generation
  • ​Automate your client onboarding
  • ​Scale to six figures
  • You had a strong portfolio and could easily overcome the “how can I trust you” objection
  • ​You were able to say no to less than ideal leads and only take on perfect clients…
  • You had a steady stream of leads coming in and were able to scale your revenues to $20K month…
  • You were clear on your niche and prices and positioned yourself as an expert in your space
Freelancers or agency owners who… 
  • Just getting started out or doing under $20K/mth in revenues
  • Don’t have case studies or testimonials
  • Not sure who or which niche to work with…
  • ​Are unsure about their pricing and how to value their services…

What’s Inside


Your Pricing

Mindset Check

Communicating Core Solution

Niching Down

Rapid Fire Testing

Crafting Your Message

Your Pitch Deck

Creating a Process of Your Service

Your Portfolio/Website

Priming Your Facebook Page

Getting Published

Outreach Which Strategy

Set Up Your UpWork Profile

Pull Strategies

Strategic Partenerships



Cold Outreach

Video Prospecting


Your Second Challenge


Your Hook: Performance-Based Offer

Building The Funnel Backen

Building the Funnel Front End

Copywriting for Your Funnel


Onboarding Clients

Getting Paid on Time

Third Challenge

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