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Every 2 Seconds…
Another American Gets Sued
There’s only one sure way not to get hit.

Dear Concerned Reader,
Maybe you think it’s just other people who live on the lawsuit firing line… and you live somewhere else. Think again.
The Legal Resource Network reports that 15 million lawsuits are filed in the US every year.
That works out to a new lawsuit for one out of every 12 adults each year… year after year. Unless you’re exceptionally lucky, sooner or later your turn will come. You’re not going to like it.
It’s no fluke that 80% of the world’s lawyers—over 1.2 million of them—work in the US. That’s where the action is.
Welcome to America…
… the playing field for more lawyers and more lawsuits than any other country in the world.
Your money is the trophy they’re competing for. Even if you don’t believe you’re in a high-risk business or profession… even if you always treat the people you deal with honestly and fairly… and even if you carry a super-size liability policy, an out-of-the-blue lawsuit can come crashing into your financial life at any time. And it can strip you of everything you’ve earned, everything you’ve built, and everything you’ve saved. All of it.
The ACE Group (specialists in insurance for high-net-worth individuals) recently noted that “America’s wealthiest families increasingly worry that their wealth alone makes them a target for a high-stakes liability lawsuit …”
Those ACE people are right. It’s not what you do, it’s what you own that attracts litigation. For the pros in the lawsuit business, any American who is noticeably wealthier than average qualifies as a target.
It used to be illegal, but now lawyers actively search for people to sue. They hunt. And when they go hunting, they look for the unprotected.
The reason: today, lawyers are allowed to keep a share of all the money they can squeeze out of a lawsuit target—contingency fees.
So for them, taking your family’s assets means payday. Liability insurance just makes you a juicier target; if they win, your policy is like a check in the mail.
And it’s so easy for them to start. They can file a suit for personal slander, commercial slander, personal injury, malpractice, product liability, on-the-job-injury, civil rights violation, unfair labor practice, unfaithful employee practice, even “psychological pain” … the list goes on and on.
And it doesn’t cost any more to file a lawsuit for $20 million than to sue for $200. For them, zeros are free… and very rewarding. Whatever the size of your liability insurance, expect the lawsuit to ask for more.
For you, those zeros can be a matter of financial life and death. One lawsuit could undo a lifetime of work and success. Financial cardiac arrest. Even if you don’t lose, the cost of defending yourself can be a disaster all on its own.
Unfortunately, no matter how much you want to believe a lawsuit won’t happen to you, the chances are high that you’ll have your turn being a target… and if all you do is wait for your number to come up, you’ll be an easy target.
So now is the time to “lawsuit proof” yourself. That means putting all your important assets far beyond the reach of predatory litigation. It’s the only thing that really stops them.

Why You Bought Fire Insurance

Think about how fire insurance works. If you wait until you smell smoke, it’s too late to get it. But insurance is easy and cheap to get if you get it now, before there’s a problem.
So how do you get protection from the lawsuit that sooner or later is likely to show up? And how do you transform yourself into an unattractive target?
The most reliable way to protect your family’s assets from aggressive lawsuits (and from other hazards that could demote you from Rich Man to Poor Man) is with an International Trust. Nothing else comes close in power and reliability. You keep tight management control over all the assets while your Trust puts up a brick wall against any attacker.
With that brick-wall protection in place, you can be certain that your assets are safe. And you lose your attractiveness as a target. Any attacker will know that even if he wins in court, there will be nothing to collect… and he won’t want to waste his time.
Lawsuit protection is just the start of a long list of advantages that an International Trust can deliver for you and your family. Here’s another big one.

The Seizure Problem… and Solution

Your Trust’s assets will be beyond the reach of no-warning seizures by any of the many government agencies that are authorized to grab property first and then dare you to prove they’ve made a mistake.
Dozens of government agencies now have the power to lock up your all bank accounts in the US, all your brokerage accounts in the US, even your home, based on the flimsiest hint that something might be wrong. It doesn’t matter what the underlying allegation is about—taxes, drugs, food safety, the environment, or something else.
It doesn’t even take a real allegation to make it happen. A single government employee’s suspicion is enough to push the bureaucratic launch button and start your nightmare.
They act without warning, and they can strip away all the cash from your US bank accounts and all investments from your US brokerage accounts without waiting for a hearing, a trial, or any other token of due process. If it’s in the US, it’s theirs whenever they say it is.
Yes, after they strike you can go to court to get your property back—but how will you hire a lawyer if your bank account has been frozen? And how will you pay your bills while the legal process is grinding on?
Forget what you learned in civics class. Sometimes a government agency just wants the property. The Institute for Justice concluded, “Under modern civil forfeiture laws … filling law enforcement’s coffers is often the primary purpose of the seizure.”
And sometimes it’s just the result of bureaucratic thinking. Their procedure book makes them do it. They can easily pick up any assets you keep in the US—but they can’t reach the assets you protect with an International Trust.
Your International Trust has that protective power because it’s subject to the laws of the country you select, not to the laws where you live.

Protection for Generation After Generation

An International Trust doesn’t come with a time limit. It can be perpetual. That makes it the ideal vehicle for estate planning.
First, you can use it to execute all the strategies for avoiding estate taxes that you’ll hear about if you visit a top-level estate-planning attorney. Later, the Trust does something no stay-at-home strategy can possibly accomplish—it disconnects from the US tax system. It disconnects completely. It disconnects forever.
Nothing could do more to promote the security and well-being of your heirs.
None of them will have a taxpaying obligation for the International Trust you establish. None of them will have a reporting obligation for it. Your Trust becomes lawfully silent and lawfully invisible—and it can accumulate and compound investment returns without slowing down to pay a dime in taxes. Your International Trust turns into a perpetual family bank… and it’s a tax-free bank with great growth potential.
Doug Casey, chairman of Casey Research, has publicly advised:“I cannot stress strongly enough that anyone who hopes to survive financially needs to internationalize.”
I couldn’t agree more.
Because without the protection of an International Trust, you could lose so much—maybe everything—to an aggressive lawsuit, a willful judge, or a debt-ridden government agency. Or your family’s wealth could be drained away slowly by the tax collector. Or new restrictions could leave your capital trapped in the US.

Protect Any Asset Anywhere

An International Trust is open-ended. It’s not limited to any asset type. It can protect almost anything… including cash, stocks, bonds, precious metals, foreign currencies, even real estate and business assets.
And your Trust ensures your freedom to invest anywhere, no matter what investment restrictions the US might adopt.
Currency controls in the US? They can’t touch your International Trust—it’s not in the US.
Limitations on capital leaving the country? Your capital already left, and it’s being safeguarded in the jurisdiction you chose. From there it can be redeployed anywhere in the world.
There are alternative strategies for protecting your assets, but they are far less powerful and far less reliable. An International Trust is the only real solution if you want to…
  • End your exposure to lawsuits and arbitrary seizures
  • Get family wealth permanently out of the US tax system
  • Guarantee complete investment freedom, no matter what new rules the politicians invent.
It’s the robust solution, because no law, no bureaucratic edict, no court order can force you to undo your Trust.
It’s the permanent solution, because your Trust can be perpetual and because it is entirely mobile—it can always migrate to another jurisdiction if you or your heirs ever think it should.
Nothing else comes close. Yet I know from personal experience that the idea of an International Trust leaves many readers perplexed.
They think it’s too complicated… or practical only for the super-rich.
And very few know exactly how it works…
Or how to implement the concept…
Or how to reap the huge benefits, including…
  • Protecting you from lawsuits and the arbitrary actions of government agencies.
  • Putting you ahead of future exchange controls or gold confiscation.
  • Allowing you to reduce the burden of income tax on investment returns.
  • Helping you protect family wealth from estate taxes.
  • Giving you better investment choices with improved, guaranteed access to international markets.
  • Eventually disconnecting from the US tax system.
  • Helping you protect future generations by establishing a perpetual reservoir of family wealth.

That’s Why I’m Writing You Today…

… but let me briefly introduce myself.
I’m Nick Giambruno, Senior Editor of For me, internationalization is a passion. It’s also my full-time job.
My readers want the best protection possible from lawsuits, capital controls, and seizures by reckless government agencies—protection no legal battering ram can knock through. The answer is unambiguous: there is no more reliable, shock-proof way to protect what’s important to you than by wrapping it in an International Trust.
Terry Coxon
That’s why we commissioned Terry Coxon, coeditor of our flagship newsletter, The Casey Report, and author of the financial planning bible, Keep What You Earn, to prepare an A-to-Z user’s manual on International Trusts.
Terry, a seasoned economist and one of the smartest people I know, coauthored the book Inflation-Proofing Your Investments with the late Harry Browne, a legendary libertarian author and investment analyst. He edited Harry Browne’s Special Reports for its 23 years of publication and all of Harry Browne’s investment books since 1974.
Terry himself founded and ran (for 22 years) the Permanent Portfolio Fund, a mutual fund that invests in precious metals as well as stocks and bonds. Today he’s the president of Passport Financial, Inc., a specialty publishing company that assists Americans in finding financial freedom abroad.
We asked Terry to draw on his decades of experience guiding advisory clients toward the safety of an International Trust. We wanted him to pour all his knowledge into a practical, single-source volume for our readers.
The result is the International Trust Guidebook, and it’s everything we were hoping for—comprehensive and complete, it delivers the full information serious investors need. All your questions get answered.
And it’s written for you. While the Guidebook  speaks precisely, it speaks with the simplicity, directness, and clarity that are the author’s trademark. It’s not a jargon-filled manual meant only for your professional advisors.
And it comes with serious back-up…

The Brainy Tag Team Working for You

Easy to follow, but there’s nothing dumbed-down about the International Trust Guidebook. It’s thoroughly footnoted with tax law and court case references, the kind of supporting details that your lawyer or accountant would insist upon.
That feature plus professional commentary is provided by noted tax and asset protection attorney Robert B. Martin, Jr.
Mr. Martin writes from the real-world perspective of 43 years of legal experience. He’s the author of dozens of published articles on tax and other legal topics and has been the point man in hundreds of legal battles.
It’s like having your own asset protection lawyer right by your side as you learn from the 16 detailed chapters of the International Trust Guidebook.
Inside the Guidebook, you’ll find clear, authoritative answers to all the questions you’re likely to ask, including…
What about financial controls? Find out how to build your Trust so that money never moves without your say-so. Page 19
How can I be sure the trustee company I hire doesn’t lose sight of my goals? With the International Trust Guidebook, you learn how to retain the right amount of influence—just enough—over how the Trust is administered so that the Trustee sees you as a customer who can always take his business elsewhere. Page 20
What about the IRS? How do I avoid creating problems? Simply following the tax rules will keep you out of trouble. The International Trust Guidebook explains clearly and in detail what taxes to pay and what reports to file. Page 80
How can an International Trust adapt to my individual situation and my family’s specific needs? Discover how to put the Trust’s inherent flexibility to work—passing on your guiding role to a spouse or to one or more children… allowing for the special needs of any beneficiary… and splitting it up into separate Trusts if desired. Page 45
How do I know I’m not making any mistakes while establishing an International Trust? The Guidebook highlights the 11 most common errors and how to avoid them, so you can achieve the highest level of protection and act with confidence. Page 87
Got a question about real protection? The Guidebook has your answer.
In this invaluable, book-length report, you’ll learn…
  • The best way to draw on your Trust. The purpose of putting money into the Trust is to get money out later for yourself and for the other beneficiaries you’ve included. Page 23
  • How to include a limited liability company. Use a foreign LLC that you manage to hold the Trust’s assets—a simple way to install tight financial controls. But the operating agreement governing the LLC must have the right provisions. Page 28
  • How to open bank and brokerage accounts for your Trust (or its LLC). Your Trust is a welcome customer where you as a US citizen might not be. Understanding the procedures of foreign banks and brokers opens up more choices and makes it quicker and easier to start an account. Page 35
  • Ways to transfer assets to your Trust (or to its LLC). There are several routes for placing assets under your Trust’s umbrella. Learn how to document your transfers to close the door on any possible attack from a future creditor and to get the tax results you want. Page 37
  • How to file the reports required under US tax rules. Complying with the law is easy but essential. This chapter will tell you everything you need to keep your Trust completely non-controversial. Page 80
  • Contact information for the right professionals to get as much help as you need. We’ve vetted the best lawyers, accountants, and trust advisors so you don’t have to start from scratch. Learn about the resources available to assist you in Trust planning and asset protection. Page 90

Save Thousands in Legal Fees with the
International Trust Guidebook

The Guidebook equips you to get all the benefits of an International Trust with a minimum of expensive legal hand-holding. When you talk to a trust lawyer about a permanent safe haven for yourself and your family, you won’t need to spend expensive hours on preliminaries. You’ll already understand what you’re talking about. It’s like getting paid for doing your homework.
Plus, the Guidebook links you to an International Trust program that is remarkably cost effective. You’ll be delighted by this opportunity to cut the cost down to a comfortable size.
It’s a stark comparison. With today’s special offer, you’ll pay less to purchase the International Trust Guidebook and gain a full understanding of the topic than you’d pay for a 20-minute introductory chat with a legal professional.
But most important of all… because you won’t be relying blindly on any advisor, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind of knowing exactly how your International Trust will protect your family’s wealth generation after generation.

So What’s Holding You Back?

Now comes a puzzle. I asked Guidebook author Terry Coxon why International Trusts aren’t more common. The advantages are so enormous, something must be getting in the way for many of the people who could benefit.
Here’s a summary of what he told me (based on his decades of experience writing, speaking, and advising clients on the topic) about the worry points that needlessly interfere with achieving the robust, permanent protection that is available only with an International Trust.

Worry Point 1: “I might get stuck with a trust company that’s inefficient and unresponsive.”

This worry has a built-in solution.
With a properly structured International Trust, you (or someone else you choose) will serve as Trust Protector, whose primary role is to advise the Trustee about the needs and circumstances of the Beneficiaries.
As Protector, you’ll have the power to replace the Trustee with another independent, licensed trust company—so you’ll always be free to take your business elsewhere.
Your powers as Protector mean you have an easy exit if the Trustee ever loses sight of your objectives. The Trustee understands that and wants to keep your business, so having an easy exit means you’ll probably never need to use it.
The Guidebook provides full detail about the role of the Protector and the comfort that role gives you.

Worry Point 2: “I like to make my own investment decisions. A Trustee’s investment decisions might be mediocre or self-serving.”

If you’re concerned that the Trustee might handle your money ineptly or manage it just to feed its affiliates, you can easily eliminate those possibilities.
One approach is to keep the assets in a brokerage account that’s owned by the Trust but that follows your buy and sell orders.
Another way to keep your finger on investment decisions is to hold all the assets inside an LLC that the Trust owns and that you manage. You’ll learn all about your options in Chapter 6 of the International Trust Guidebook.

Worry Point 3: “I’d feel awfully uncomfortable telling an angry judge I can’t repatriate money from my International Trust to pay a judgment. He might lock me up if I don’t follow his orders.”

A properly structured International Trust allows you to do everything you possibly can to obey any court order you might receive… without endangering the trust fund.
If you ever find yourself on the losing end of a big lawsuit, you should make every reasonable effort to follow the court’s orders, and you should follow your attorney’s advice in doing so.
But your efforts to loot your own International Trust—if that’s what the court tells you to do—are unlikely to succeed, since you won’t have an absolute power to unilaterally compel the Trustee to distribute money to you. (You’ll find all the details in Chapter 7 of the International Trust Guidebook.)

Worry Point 4: “The last person I heard about who had an International Trust was a money launderer (or embezzler or arms dealer). I don’t want to be in that kind of company.”

Every one of the jurisdictions that would be suitable for a lawful International Trust has “know your customer” rules that are energetically enforced and that every licensed trust company is required to follow.
Trust companies are also required to know how each Trust client acquired the money or other property he’s transferring to his Trust.
No trust company in any of these jurisdictions wants to risk losing its license by accepting tainted money or by being sloppy about following the rules. (Chapter 16 of the Guidebook lists support services that are available to help you get the maximum advantage from your International Trust.)

Worry Point 5: “I’ve already gone to a lot of trouble and expense to build an estate plan. I don’t want to start over.”

You don’t need to tear up your estate plan to get the safety and protection of an International Trust.
You just need to relocate the plan to another jurisdiction.
Every conventional estate-planning tool (what you hear about when you talk to your lawyer about estate planning) works smoothly inside an International Trust.
And an International Trust delivers two advantages you can’t get with a stay-at-home approach.
First, with an International Trust you can move assets out of your taxable estate and still keep them available for your support.
Second, an International Trust is a complete and permanent solution. After your lifetime, the Trust disconnects from the US tax system… and it never reconnects.
Compare that with money sitting at home. The assets you leave in the US for your family continue to be subject to income tax, year after year, and to estate tax, generation after generation.

Worry Point 6: “An international trust is too expensive to set up. Protection is good, but not at just any price.”

If you lack a solid knowledge base, establishing an International Trust can be costly, ranging from $30,000 up to $100,000.
But if you do your homework by reading the International Trust Guidebook, establishing an International Trust can cost as little as $5,000.
That’s a savings of 84% or better, just by using the knowledge you gain from the Guidebook.

Get Your International Trust
Started Soon and Preserve Your Wealth
for Generations to Come…

If you’re looking for the strongest protection possible for your assets…
  • protection that’s permanent
  • protection that can’t be undone by any government agency or by any new law
  • protection that can’t be touched by even the savviest lawsuit attacker
… an International Trust is the solution that fits you. It’s the only solution you can count on no matter what.
That’s why well-informed people with serious wealth and top legal advice have been using International Trusts for years to gain protection from lawsuits, rising taxes, and nasty government surprises.
For most of them, it was expensive ($30,000 and up in legal fees) to set up… and worth every dollar they paid.
But in any endeavor, knowledge cuts costs. With the International Trust Guidebook, you can cut costs to the bare bone. Read it and you don’t have to be one of the super-rich to enjoy the huge benefits an International Trust can bring you.
In fact, if you have a net worth of $500,000 or more, an International Trust can be a practical and effective way to protect what you’ve accumulated—if you’re equipped with the knowledge that controls costs.
And far and away the least expensive route to a solid understanding of International Trusts is to order the International Trust Guidebook.
For a limited time only, you can get the International Trust Guidebook for a low, publication-day price of only $129…  a 35% savings off the regular price of $199.

But hurry: this special offer is only available for a limited time.

Remember, today the door is still wide open for safeguarding your wealth with a lawful International Trust.
But government rules can and do change, and often they change without warning.
Practically overnight, the gate that is now wide open could be slammed shut. And locked.
So don’t wait. Start reading the International Trust Guidebook today… so that you can start building real protection for your assets.
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