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Carolyn Elliott – THRILL

What does it take to create an online service-based business that’s both profitable and wildly fulfilling?

As you may have noticed – there’s no ready-made, cookie-cutter path that can do the trick.

Nothing less than diving deep into your own previously unconscious, denied desires – integrating them – and coming back with penetrative insight and illuminative empathy –

… will do.

 And so that’s the core of what I teach people to do in THRILL.

THRILL is so much more than an online business course.

I teach this so that you can have:


1. A rapidly growing audience that pleads to hear more from you

2. The ability to fill your client roster with the click of a “send” button

3. The know-how to sell online courses

4. The fearlessness that it takes to be widely visible

This is for you if:

  • You’re already a professional in your one-on-one service business – you know how to do the thing you do – i.e., you know how to coach, consult, read birth charts, do tarot readings, etc. – and you already have some clients – just not as many as you’d prefer to have

  • You’re great at writing and communicating

  • You have a relentless will to succeed

  • You’re hungry for encouragement and guidance in taking entrepreneurial risks


This is not for you if:

  • You don’t already have some clients and experience doing your thing

  • You’re not great at writing and communicating

  • You’re lukewarm about the whole “building a thriving online audience” thing

  • You’re very risk adverse and unwilling to experience a rollercoaster of adventure

Lesson 1: All About You

What you’ll learn:

  • An invitation to do the work

  • A note on writing

  • Exercise 1: Your Taboo Persona

  • Why Your Taboo Persona is Important

  • Exercise 2: Your Core Insight

  • Exercise 3: Your Lead Magnet


Plus Tech Hand-Holding Session 1: Creating an email sign-up form 


Lesson 2: All About Your People

What you’ll learn:

  • Existential Kink

  • Defining Your Audience

  • Writing a rough draft mirroring list essay

  • The mythic story of how you became a leader


Plus Tech Hand-Holding Session 2: Setting up auto-responders 


Lesson 3: Super-Sexy Grammar & Structure

What you’ll learn:

  • Understanding Grammar and Structure

  • Making Your Writing Smooth

  • Clear Introductions

  • Precious Writerly Secrets

  • Precise Parallelisms

  • Transparent Transitions

  • Abundant Rephrasing

  • Obvious Nouns versus Obscure Pronouns

  • Conclusions and Calls-to-Action

  • Assignment 1: Editing

  • Assignment 2: Righteous Essay


Plus Tech Hand-Holding Session 3: Creating Facebook ads to promote your essays and build your list 


Lesson 4: Relating to Your People

What you’ll learn:

  • The Big Question Mark

  • On-going List-Building Content

  • Exercise: Brainstorming more Mirroring List Essays

  • Exercise: Brainstorming more Righteous Essays

  • Understanding Your Client Savviness Journey

  • Exercise: Map Out Your Client Savviness Journey

  • On “blogging”

  • Your shadow, your strength

  • Exercise: The Impolite Truth About Me


Plus Tech Hand-Holding Session 4: Creating & hosting webinars 


Lesson 5: On Selling

What you’ll learn:

  • What exactly is a launch?

  • You’ve already done the hardest part

  • Ask them about their most pressing challenge

  • Decide and announce the timeline of your launch

  • Create a Sales Page

  • Pre-Launch Emails to Send

  • Open Cart Emails to Send

  • Final Day Emails to Send


Plus Tech Hand-Holding Session 5: Online course delivery 


Plus 3 Exclusive Bonuses 

Bonus 1: 5 Pre-Recorded Q&A Sessions with Carolyn Elliott

Follow along with pre-recorded Q&A sessions from past rounds of THRILL to answer the most relevant questions to what you’re learning and practicing. Each 60-minute call is recorded and can be watched anytime, at your own convenience.


Bonus 2: 5 Live Q&A Sessions with EK Certified Coach Helena Grant

Every other week get your questions answered live on a 60-minute Q&A call with Existential Kink Certified Coach Helena Grant. Each Facebook Live is recorded and can be watched anytime, at your own convenience.

THRILL page elements Helena Grant.png

Bonus 3: 5 Pre-Recorded Tech Hand Holding Sessions with Tech Magician, Sam Garcia

Get access to the newly updated (as of March 2021) Tech Hand Holding with Carolyn Elliott’s Online Marketing Director & Tech Magician, Sam Garcia. She will walk you through exactly how Carolyn has her tech set up.

Within this program, you’ll get support, community, and accountability from your fellow students within the THRILL private Facebook community!

Bonus 4: Private Members-Only Facebook Group

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