Cameron Howard – Straight Ecom Private Community 2.0

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Product Name: Cameron Howard – Straight Ecom Private Community 2.0
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Cameron Howard – Straight Ecom Private Community 2.0

Cameron Howard - Straight Ecom Private Community 2.0

Why We Build Brands!

The traditional Dropshipping model just won’t cut it anymore. You now need fast shipping, logos on your products, custom content, etc. in order to build a long-lasting business. Our community is designed to teach you the basics of e-commerce, and start leveling up to become a brand owner, to create a long-lasting business that you can potentially exit for 6-7 figures later on!

Why Straight Ecom?

Straight Ecom’s coaching program is a step by step recorded program that you can access whenever, wherever! What makes our program unique is how we are able to scale stores to 6 figures from zero ad spend. Why try to waste hundreds, or even thousands of dollars on ads trying to figure it out yourself? That is why we have developed this program, in order to teach people how to utilize social media and more to get sales with $0.

I have spent over thousands and thousands on “courses”, failing because there was no value. That is exactly why this isn’t a course. This is a step-by-step coaching program, where I do everything in front of you. The difference is that this is a coaching program, where I guide you along the way and am there for you with anything along the way. The reason Straight Ecom Private Community was created was to save everyone the trouble of starting themselves and not having the proper guidance. This will save you a ton of time, money, and effort, as if you were starting alone or joining a random “course”.

We use modern techniques that aren’t taught anywhere else in order make crazy profits on our stores! Look at our students results below for yourself to see the power of our coaching program.

Community vs Course

A lot of people come to me and my team, telling us stories of them buying other people’s “course” and not getting any results. That’s because anytime you buy a course, it usually is just washed up content that these “gurus” put together to make a quick dollar while providing you zero value. The difference with a course and our community is that you get access to my private sourcing agents, so no more 30+day shipping times. I give you access to 5-9 day, branded packaging, and private labeled products in order to make sure you transition into a real brand!

Click Below To Look At Just Some Of Our Successful Students!

Private Community Program

Module 1 – Getting Started
  • Intro Video(6:28)
  • Why Brand Building(4:53)
Module 2 – Mindset
  • Staying Consistent(10:04)
  • Clear Your Mind(9:06)
  • The Path To Success(13:36)
  • Your Purpose(9:44)
Module 3 – Intro To Brand Building
  • The Brand Building Model(10:47)
  • Why The Old Dropship Model Is Dead(9:04)
  • The Future Of Brand Building(9:48)
Module 4 – Optimized Product Research
  • How To Find Winning Products(14:21)
  • Choosing Between Products
  • 5 Winning Product Criteria(9:45)
Module 5 – Private Supplier/Sourcing Agents
  • Picking The Perfect Supplier(7:18)
  • Using US Suppliers(3:40)
  • My Private Sourcing Agent(7:46)
Module 6 – Shopify Store Setup
  • Picking A Name(7:56)
  • Premium Theme(8:00)
  • Legal Page & Policies Setup(8:10)
  • Logo Creation(11:46)
  • Importing Products(3:43)
  • Optimized Product Setup(20:43)
  • Collection Organization(6:31)
  • Shipping Setup(9:53)
  • Free Product Setup(12:38)
  • Live Shopify Store Development(46:57)
  • Removing Powered By Shopify(4:23)
  • Setting Up Apps(29:47
  • Connecting Domain(3:03)
Module 7 – Custom Content
  • Ordering Your Product(8:11)
  • Getting Custom Content(9:22)
  • Editing Your Content(6:39)
Module 8 – Instagram Setup
  • Setting Up Your Instagram(8:00)
  • Story Highlight Structure(14:30)
  • Feed Posts(7:28)
  • Instagram Stories(7:46)
  • Optimizing Your Page (text)
Module 9 – Tiktok Setup
  • Setting Up Your Tiktok(10:31)
  • Example Of Brands(8:46)
Module 10 – Free Traffic | Instagram
  • How To Get Free Traffic(13:13)
  • Free Marketing Script (text)
  • Converting Customers To Your Store(11:48)
  • Scaling Using Free Traffic(8:07)
Module 11 – Free Traffic | TikTok
  • How To Get Free Traffic(10:59)
  • How/When To Post(8:20)
  • Going Viral(3:10)
  • Algorithm(8:45)
Module 12 – Scaling Even Further
  • Influencer Marketing(7:50)
Module 13 – Customer Support
  • Fulfilling Orders(4:24)
  • Customer Satisfaction(6:34)
  • Responding To Difficult Questions(6:51)
  • Handling Disputes(5:42)
Module 14 – Setting Up LLC
  • What Is An LLC(5:42)
  • When Should I Set Up An LLC(3:55)
  • How To Setup An LLC(4:49)
Module 15 – Taxes
  • Tax Write-Offs(3:58)
  • Keeping Track Of Expenses(2:49)
Module 16 – Outsourcing
  • How To Outsource(4:32)
  • What To Outsource(11:45)
Bonus – Level 2 (Making 100+/day)
  • Applying For My Sourcing Agent(2:41)
  • Fullfilling With The Agent(4:26)
  • Next Steps After(2:03)
Bonus – Level 3 (Making 500+/day)
  • 3-5 Day Shipping(5:42)
  • Bulk Fullfillment(4:32)
  • Logo On Products(15:45)

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