Bruce Frantzis – Relaxing Into Your Being Virtual Workshop

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Product Name: Bruce Frantzis – Relaxing Into Your Being Virtual Workshop
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Bruce Frantzis – Relaxing Into Your Being Virtual Workshop

Bruce Frantzis - Relaxing Into Your Being Virtual Workshop

Explore how qigong and taoist Meditation can help you embody a fuller, happier, and healthier Life.

Hi Folks,

“Just relax.” It’s one of the most common forms of advice out there. But the simple act of relaxing can be incredibly elusive. The good news is that relaxation is a skill that can be developed and practiced.

Gaining the ability to truly relax your body, mind, and spirit is one of the greatest gifts that you can give yourself. Generating a baseline of relaxation at all layers of your being will make an enormous difference in how you experience every moment of your life.

When is the last time you had the feeling of being truly relaxed down to your core? The purpose of this virtual workshop is to give you the practical tools and techniques to be able to do just that.

Taoist practices break down into five basic modes: lying down, seated, standing, moving, and interacting. We’ll be looking at how to apply letting go into relaxation in each of these modes.

We’ll go over techniques for relaxing your nervous system (including how softening your eyes is a gateway to your nerves), relaxing into sleep, staying relaxed socially, as well as how to maintain a baseline of relaxation throughout your day whatever you happen to be doing.

Releasing physical tension (which is a great thing to do), is just the beginning. We’ll also be looking at how to relax your energy, emotions, and thoughts…or the first four layers of the Taoist Eight Energy Bodies.
Here is what we’ll be covering In the upcoming Relaxing into your being Workshop:

Introductory Quickstart Session:
Immediate Access to a 60-minute, pre-workshop training taught by Master Frantzis.

March 12 – 14, 2021:
3-Day Virtual Workshop including over 10 hours of instruction, taught live by Master Frantzis and Senior Instructor Craig Barnes.

March 16 – 18, 2021:
3-Days of Guided Practices includes three guided practice sessions to implement and carry forward everything you learned during the weekend workshop, led by Senior Instructor Craig Barnes.
During this workshop, you will receive Live lessons taught by expert trainers. you will also receive recordings and lifetime access.

When you carry with you the visceral experience of deep release and relaxation throughout your body, mind, and spirit, you increase your ability to remain focused in spite of the changing world around you. You’re able to persevere regardless of unstable circumstances, and drastically decrease tension, anxiety, and fear.

Anyone can do this regardless of age or level of ability.

This Relaxing into your Being Virtual Workshop will take place over the course of one weekend and will include follow-up guided practice sessions to help you integrate everything you learn.

I welcome you to join us,

Bruce Frantzis