Brad Walker – The Certificate in Stretching & Flexibility

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Product Name: Brad Walker – The Certificate in Stretching & Flexibility
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The Certificate in Stretching & Flexibility – Brad Walker

If you’re a Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Chiropractor, Physical Therapist or do any type of bodywork then you need to be certified in Stretching and Flexibility.

Your clients want to be stretched. In fact, they expect it today. If you’re not using stretching exercises in your sessions your clients are going to start asking why. And imagine the embarrassment when you must tell them… “I’m not certified to perform stretches on you.” Don’t get left behind. Start your Certificate in Stretching & Flexibility today…

• You’ll learn how to incorporate the right stretches into your existing treatments, or offer stretching as a stand-alone service.

• You’ll be more skilled, better qualified and most importantly, more respected.

• You’ll attract new clients, get better results, have happier clients, and be able to charge more.

• Plus, stretching IS the next big thing in the health and wellness industry…

Who is it for?

• Manual therapists
• Trigger point therapists
• Physical therapists
• Massage therapists
• Osteopaths
• Chiropractors
• Bodyworkers
• Myofascial release therapists
• Athletic trainers
• Personal trainers
• Sports coaches
• And all other exercise and fitness professionals

What will you learn?

The Certificate in Stretching & Flexibility course aims to increase professionalism within the health and wellness industry around the topic of stretching and flexibility. It helps students develop a fundamental understanding of the physiology of stretching, flexibility and mobility training.

The course will equip students with the knowledge for the safe application of stretching exercises. And develop a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the anatomy involved with 135 stretching exercises.

The course is conducted entirely online, so you can complete it at your own pace and in your own time (24/7). It includes workbook material, video tutorials and detailed anatomy of over 130 different stretching exercises. Some of the topics covered include…

MODULE 1: Physiology of Flexibility

Muscle anatomy; Physiology of muscle contraction; Muscle reflexes; Musculoskeletal mechanics; and What happens when a muscle is stretched? (Includes 3,500 words of text, and 40 minutes of video)

MODULE 2: Principles of Stretching

Benefits of stretching; When to use the different types of stretching (Static, Active, Passive, PNF, Isometric, Dynamic, Ballistic, AIS, Resistance, Loaded); Rules for safe stretching; Contraindications; How to stretch properly; and Stretching in the warm up and cool down. (Includes 5,900 words of text, and 50 minutes of video)

MODULE 3: Stretching Anatomy

The practical application of how to perform 135 different stretching exercises; including detailed anatomical drawings and explanations of each stretch. (Includes 23,300 words of text, and 208 anatomical diagrams)

MODULE 4a: Advanced Application of Assisted Stretching Techniques

Introduction to assisted stretching; Communicating with your client; Identifying imbalances and tight spots; Positioning and leverage; Taking care of yourself; and How to correctly apply the PNF stretching technique. (Includes 300 words of text, and 25 minutes of video)

MODULE 4b: How to Perform Assisted Stretching Exercises

How to perform over 30 assisted stretching exercises on your clients, including stretches for the: Chest; Back; Shoulders; Hips; Quads; Hamstrings; and Lower leg. Plus average or normal range of motion associated with the major joints. (Includes 400 words of text, and 1 hour and 42 minutes of video)

MODULE 4c: Assisted Stretching Techniques for Pregnant Clients

Guidelines and precautions when working with pregnant clients; Stretches to avoid; and How to modify the stretching exercises for pregnant clients. (Includes 260 words of text, and 24 minutes of video)

Production quality is second-to-none!

All the material presented in the Stretching Certificate is of the highest production quality. None of that low budget, someone sitting on the floor in their living room making a home movie style video.

I hired one of the best film production companies on the continent. It was shot using top of the line, TV quality cameras and I chose a professional studio for all of the filming.

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The Certificate in Stretching & Flexibility