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Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey – Invisible Side of Success

Happiness, Confidence and Prosperity are Not Random or Accidental… You Can Powerfully Call Them Into Being

Do you dream of making healthier lifestyle choices and enjoying greater energy and vitality — but you feel stuck in your patterns, and just can’t seem to make the positive changes you desire.

Or perhaps you’d like to find your soulmate or transform your current relationship — but you’re afraid of being vulnerable.

Or maybe you want to change careers, start a business or take your existing business to the next level — but you feel indecisive on what to do next, or you keep procrastinating, and you just don’t know why.

The #1 Factor That Keeps Us From Living a Life We Love

What REALLY holds us back from pursuing our goals, and making our dreams manifest?

It’s not our background, the balance of your bank account, or our physical or intellectual capabilities…

The #1 factor that keeps many of us from living the life we truly love is our SELF-IMAGE.

No one can outperform their self-image, or their sense of worth. Your self-image is like a “results thermostat” that controls how much “good” you allow in your life. The results you see (or don’t see) in your life are a direct representation of how you feel about yourself. No dream was ever achieved without the dreamer believing that they deserved it FIRST.

If you want to transform your dreams into reality and create a life you love living, it’s important to see yourself as someone who is 100% WORTHY of living your dream life — and capable of creating it…

Otherwise, you will unknowingly sabotage your success with limiting beliefs, unhealthy habits, procrastination, or allowing fear, doubt and worry to take the driver’s seat of your life.

Most of us have never been taught how to identify what our current self-image is, let alone how to raise it so that we can achieve the results that our heart desires… UNTIL NOW.

Introducing the Invisible Side of Success

A 12-Week Program Designed to Help You Create Greater
Happiness, Confidence and Prosperity in All Areas of Your Life

Before I reveal exactly what you’ll find inside our incredibly powerful Invisible Side of Success program, allow me to introduce myself and my remarkable teaching partner, Bob Proctor.

The result is the Invisible Side of Success program.

As soon as we finished creating the Invisible Side of Success , Bob and I presented the program to a private audience during a sold-out 3-day event.

We knew we wanted to bring this material to a much larger audience than the 200 in attendance, so we also had the entire event professionally recorded, edited and packaged, specifically for a home audience.

This recorded program contains all the teachings of the live event, plus additional materials to help you integrate and apply everything you learn inside with speed and accuracy.

Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside the Extraordinarily Powerful Invisible Side of Success Program:

The Invisible Side of Success is a 12-week video program, complete with written transcripts, where Bob and I will guide you through how to increase your level of “deservedness” in order to have what it is that you desire AND align with the Universal Laws of Success — so that you can make the manifestation of your dreams welcome in your life.

The 12 weekly video lessons you’ll have access to inside your private members area are:

WEEK 1: It’s a Matter of Choice

WEEK 2: Overcoming Superstition

WEEK 3: Understanding and Changing Your Paradigm & The Laws of the Universe

WEEK 4: Living a Vision-Driven Life

WEEK 5: Shifting Frequencies

WEEK 6: Changing Your “Results Thermostat”

WEEK 7: Connecting the Dots

WEEK 8: Knowledge Over Ignorance

WEEK 9: Your Best Self & Passing the Invisible Boundary

WEEK 10: The 8 Basic Principles for Living the Life You Want to Live, Part 1

WEEK 11: The 8 Basic Principles for Living the Life You Want to Live, Part 2

WEEK 12: The Starting Point & The Final Commitment

Here are just a few of the powerful teachings you’ll receive access to inside the Invisible Side of Success:

  • How to turn up your focus and commit to transformation: Develop your understanding of WHO YOU TRULY ARE, beyond your physical body, and what your programming has been up until now that has created your current results.
  • The Laws of the Universe: You will be introduced to the one great law — “Energy Is.” You will also be introduced to several other Universal Laws that operate in partnership with each other. By knowing your true nature, as we will help you do, you will begin working in harmony with the Laws to bring your dreams and desires into reality.
  • The secrets to living a vision-driven life: Learn how to begin relating to your current circumstances in a more empowering way, so that living from your vision vs. from the conditions or situations you find yourself in will start to become automatic.
  • How to “connect the dots” to your dream: Develop your ability to form an image in your mind, and how to then infuse it with emotion. This is where the rubber meets the road, because once you learn how to properly internalize an idea or image of what it is that you desire, all sorts of things begin happening for you!
  • Becoming your Best Self: You are an unlimited spiritual being, and knowing this truth helps you unlock your potential to bring into reality whatever it is that you would truly love for your life. Bob and I will help you fully understand and embrace your “being-ness” — plus you will receive a powerful tool that will help you expand your awareness almost immediately.
  • 8 basic principles for living the life you want: You will discover how to clarify your wants, what making a true committed decision really means, what your “internal pause button” is and how to transcend circumstances… even when they seem unsurmountable.

You’ll also Receive

3 Extraordinary Bonus Gifts Worth $1,324

Bonus #1

Your very own copy of Raymond Holliwell’s
book, Working with the Law Written almost one hundred years ago, this book decodes the 11 spiritual laws that govern the creation of all results in the Universe… and it contains the core teachings that our 11 Universal Laws of Success program is based upon. You’ll receive a downloadable copy of this classic spiritual text absolutely FREE .

Bonus #2

13 video lessons from Bob Proctor and
me on the secrets contained within
Working with the Law ($129 value!)
Inside the Invisible Side of Success members area, you will receive access to 13 mini-video lessons where you will be guided through each of the key principles contained within Raymond Holliwell’s Working with the Law book.

Bonus #3

I’ll reveal what the significance of each of these teachings are, and how to apply them to your life.

One FREE ticket to DreamBuilder LIVE ($1,197 value)
DreamBuilder LIVE is a life-transforming 3-day dream-building experience where my team and I will guide you through how to create a clear vision for your future and turn what you would love into your living, breathing reality with power, ease and grace.

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