Bliss Coded Sound – Consciousness Development System – Marcus Knudsen

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Product Name: Bliss Coded Sound – Consciousness Development System – Marcus Knudsen
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The Consciousness Development System (CDS) is a cutting edge third eye meditation system for those who want real spiritual development through a daily meditation routine.
CDS combines technology with the ultimate way of meditation based on the ancient Sant Mat and Surat Shabd systems for developing a higher consciousness by inner light and sound experiences. This hybrid meditation & technology system follows the ultimate balance of effort and effortlessness as in ancient systems but adds technology which wasn’t around when those systems were developed.

The meditation technique is boosted by specific brainwave entrainment, frequency tuning and golden ratio principles (BlissCoded sound) embedded in a pleasant soft noise masking out external sounds that otherwise easily distract us in today’s busy world, allowing us to focus inwardly without having to find a quiet place far from civilization.

CDS has been developed to it’s current state for 15 years when writing this, during which time it’s been the daily meditation of the developer. This is a very ultimate system using what truly works and what truly takes you forward. You’ll start experiencing what the meditation masters talk about from regularly using this system.


When you know about the third eye you find how common that kind of symbolism is.


The location of the Pineal gland, tied to the third eye chakra.


CDS uses two factors together: 1) A specific meditation technique. 2) Audio technology.

The meditation technique:

  1. (Focus, Engage) While listening to the CDS meditation audio, you sit up and withdraw your attention to the third eye center. Experience that you are there. Let thoughts pass by like clouds in the sky and maintain conscious awareness in the third eye. If you want to use any mantra simultaneously, repeat them within. When half the audio has passed, there’s a subtle but clear sound marking this.
  2. (Let go, Observe) The rest of the time you do nothing but simply observe inner experiences. Remain seated or lie down where you are. Let go completely.
  3. Optional / Advanced:
    Afterwards you can turn off the sound and remain still, laying down. You may have various experiences here, even if you fall asleep. In time, this can bring lucid dreams, out of body experiences, inner light and sound, astral travel etc.

The Technology:

  1. During part 1 your brain is gradually guided to deeper and deeper relaxation. Brain hemispheres are synchronized.
  2. At half time in the audio there is a very gentle but clear marker so you’ll know 30 minutes have passed. Now the brain is guided into a deep meditative state.