Blair Enns – Pricing Creativity

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Blair Enns - Pricing Creativity

Blair Enns – Pricing Creativity

Price for the value you create.

Your clients will pay more for the expertise you offer.

How much more?

You may charge 50% more before you’ve finished this guide. You may double or triple your margin within a year.

When we stop pricing our time and our inputs and start charging for the value we create for our clients, everybody wins.

Read this book, embrace the mindset, live by the 5 Rules (and master the sixth), and refer to the 20+ tips for specific scenarios and let me know what your bottom line looks like in the months ahead.

What’s Inside:



Understand These

  • Introduction: What Price for a Logo?
  • Price Like a Marketer
  • Inputs, Outputs, or Value: What Are You Selling?
  • The Many Ways in Which You Deliver Value


Live by These

  • Price the Client, Not the Job
  • Anchor High
  • Say a Price Before You Show a Price
  • Master the Value Conversation
  • Offer Options
  • Limit Unpaid Proposals to One Page


Use These in Specific Situations

  • Constructing Your Proposals
  • Crafting High-Priced Options
  • Framing Low-Priced Options
  • Make the Margin in the Middle
  • Pricing Models
  • Do Retainers Right
  • Lease Instead of Sell
  • Sprints, Points, Tips, Pay What You Like, and More Alternative Pricing Models
  • Negotiating
  • Sell Risk Reduction
  • Nudge, Nudge; Wink, Wink
  • Never Discount (But When You Do, Do it Right)
  • Alternatives to Cutting Price
  • Remove Pricing From the Front Lines
  • Negotiate Like a Pro
  • The Next Level
  • Begin to Untether From Time
  • The Last Obstacle is You

Expand your compensation options. From predictable revenue models done right, to applying purchasing options long favored by other industries, to the power of guarantees.