Bernadette Jiwa – The Story Strategy Course

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Product Name: Bernadette Jiwa – The Story Strategy Course
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Bernadette Jiwa – The Story Strategy Course

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The Brand Strategy Course will help you to gather customer insights and use them to attract more of the customers you want.

The first step to getting more people to buy is to understand your ideal customer. Your success depends on your ability to create products, services and stories your customers want to buy.

Whoever gets closest to their customer wins

Are you finding it hard to pinpoint your ideal customer? You will create marketing messages that resonate when you have a clear understanding of the people you want to serve. You can make customer insights the foundation of your winning sales, marketing and service strategy.
This four-module Brand Strategy Course will give you the tools to grow your business by understanding what your customers want.

A practical program that shows you how to differentiate your brand and grow your business

The Brand Strategy Course is designed to help you apply your learning so that you can implement valuable changes in your business from day one. Change how you see your customers and the potential for growth in your business. Use what you learn to build the brand you always wanted. This course helps you to do the work that gets you closer to your customers and powers your success.

We’ve helped hundreds of people just like you.

Hundreds of people from entrepreneurs who are just starting out on their journey, to business to leaders of Fortune 100 brands have benefited from taking the Brand Strategy Course. We’ve trained, designers, financial planners, app developers, brand managers, CEOs, artists, startup founders, counsellors to develop the customer insights that made them better marketers.

How the course works

The Brand Strategy Course is broken down into four modules. Each module walks you through a section of The Brand Story Strategy Blueprint, a process designed to help you to see your products and services, your customer and your business in a whole new light.

Module 1

We focus on your customer: understanding her worldview, diving deeper into her life and habits, using new tools and exercises to unpack her story. The closer you can come to understanding your customer’s worldview, the more likely you are to fulfil her needs and satisfy her unexpressed desires.

Module 2

We take what you know about your customer and translate that knowledge into insights by analysing the information you learned in module one. These valuable insights can become a powerful foundation for developing both your products and your marketing.

Module 3

We shift our focus to your product or service, drilling down into the value you create. You’ll be surprised to see how much your perspective changes with your newfound understanding of your customer.

Module 4

We target the customer experience. I’ll walk you through assignments and activities to help you understand what your customers experience when they encounter your brand and why that matters.
By the end of the course, you will have the insights you need to create, differentiate and market your products and services in ways that truly resonate with the people you want to serve and impact.