Berkeley – “Done-For-You” Manifest Your Dreams Course 2022

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Product Name: Berkeley – “Done-For-You” Manifest Your Dreams Course 2022
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Berkeley - "Done-For-You" Manifest Your Dreams Course 2022Berkeley – “Done-For-You” Manifest Your Dreams Course 2022

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This Done-For-You Package Will Give You Everything You Need to Create Your Own “Manifest Your Dreams” Program, Course, or Workshop! ​

Hey there,

I know you’re busy running your business. You’re working hard to help people boost their well-being and it is a lot of work.

You know you need to bring in more money in less time but you’re not quite sure how to do it.

Luckily, there is a way to create the low-stress, joy-filled, high-impact wellness business you dream of.

You just need to sell something scalable—something that you can put online that earns money while you sleep—like an online course, webinar, or workshop.

You know it’s a good idea, but when will you have time to create it? And how will you do it? A good online program takes research, writing, organizing… in other words, it takes time that you don’t have.

The good news?

This science-based, done-for-you program package gives you everything you need to create your own program fast.

This science-based “Manifesting Your Dreams” done-for-you package includes everything you need to help your clients or customers reach their biggest goals.

​The 5 modules in this program are based on scientific research that’ll teach your audience how to:

✓ Get clarity on what it is they really want in life so that when they move forward, they go in the right direction.

✓ Set goals in the right way so that they are easier, faster, and more fun to work towards.

✓ Believe in themselves and develop confidence in their abilities to get what they want.

✓ Cultivate a manifestation mindset that will help them reach their goals more easily.

✓ Take the right actions, get the results they want, and create the life they desire.

Got a Few Hours? Launch Your Science-Based Course Today!​

Grab this package now and you could…

✓ Save hundreds of hours of work
✓ Boost your income
✓ Start earning $ faster

The time it takes to make a course or program is no joke. This program took over a thousand hours of research, writing, planning, and organizing.

And believe it or not, that’s fast. I’ve been creating well-being courses and programs for a decade and I’ve learned a trick or two.

So save your time. Do me a favor. And let’s start getting people the high-quality information they need to manifest their dreams.

Boost Your Credibility and Your Impact.
​It’s Good for Your Customers and Good for Your Wallet.​

There are tons of junk courses online. Stand out from the crowd by offering a high-quality, science-based course.

This isn’t just any ol’ content. All of our content is based on academic research and put together in-house by Ph.D.-level experts.

✓ The “Manifest Your Dreams” program alone is based on 61 research studies—all of them teaching us about skills and strategies related to manifesting our goals.

This expertise is what makes our programs some of the highest-impact, most credible online programs available.

We share this content with people like you so that you too can boost well-being and make money doing it.

What Does The “Manifest Your Dreams” Course Package Include?

✓ 5 Modules Completely Written for You
Written by Ph.D.-level experts but completely customizable so you can add your own insights and personal touch.

✓ Program Welcome Message
Welcome your program attendees with this “hello” and program overview.

✓ 22 Skill-Building Exercises
The included exercises help people put insights into action making your course more useful and higher-impact.

✓ Sales Page for Your Program
This sales page will explain your program and help readers see how it can change their lives. Add buy buttons and boom—your program is launched.

✓ Sales Banner to Post Anywhere on Your Website
Put this sales banner on all your webpages to let everyone on your website know about your new program.

✓ Instagram Post to Share Your Program on Social Media
Post this on Instagram to introduce your followers to your new program.

✓ Email Template to Promote Your Program
Just add in the link to your sales page and let your community know about this great new resource you’re offering them.

✓ 3 Blog Posts to Entice Your Audience
Get your audience warmed up and thinking about manifestation by publishing these fascinating science-based blog posts.

✓ A Reference List
Get a list of the 61 scientific studies that were used to create this program. Include this list to boost your credibility.

Module 1: Figure Out What You Want

So many of us get stuck manifesting our dreams because we don’t really know what we want. Maybe we spin our wheels trying to figure out our purpose or passion. Maybe we keep going down dead-end roads only to find out that where we ended up isn’t where we want to be. Or, maybe we think we know what we want but we haven’t really thought enough about it to be sure.

Wherever we are, the first thing we need to do to get unstuck is to get crystal clear on what it is we want.

In Module 1 we’ll use science-based approaches to explore:

​​✓ What makes you happy?
✓ What are your needs?
✓ What are your values?
✓ ​What gives you a sense of purpose?
✓ What if there were no limits?
✓ What would you want in your eulogy?
✓ ​What is the gestalt of your life?

Module 2: Set The Right Goals

Most of us have some goal in mind—something we want to manifest. But whether or not we achieve these goals and realize our dreams depends on the goal-setting strategies that we use. By learning how to set the right goals, we set ourselves up for success.

In Module 2, we’ll:

​​✓ Choose the right goals that are easier to execute
✓ Create a manifestation plan to follow
✓ Overcome goal-setting challenges that get us stuck
✓ ​Learn goal-setting hacks that make goals easier

Plus, module 2 includes these exercises:
​​✓ Get to know your goals
✓ Create a manifestation map
✓ Break your big goals into small steps
✓ Track and schedule your activities

Module 3: Believe in Yourself

Okay, so we know what we want and we’ve mapped out our goals. Why, then, can it still be so hard to manifest what we desire? Well, it turns out that the beliefs we have about ourselves crucially affect how successful we are in reaching our goals.

​We need to believe in ourselves and build the confidence to go after those big dreams.

In Module 3, we’ll learn about:

​​✓ Why believing in ourselves is so important for manifestation
✓ The science behind self-beliefs
✓ How to believe in yourself
✓ ​How to boost self-worth
✓ ​How to grow your confidence

Plus, module 3 includes these exercises:
​​✓ Question your unhelpful beliefs
✓ Own your self-worth
✓ Stabilize your worth
✓ Self-worth affirmations
✓ Transform shame into confidence
✓ Name your shame
✓ Confidence-boosting letter
✓ Guardian angel visualization
✓ List your positive qualities
✓ Build self-trust

Module 4: Develop a Manifestation Mindset

The type of mindset we have makes all the difference when it comes to manifesting our dreams. Research has shown that people with specific mindsets tend to more easily reach their goals, achieve success, and even live happier lives. So how do we build a mindset that helps us more easily manifest our dreams?

In Module 4, we’ll explore 3 key mindsets that aid manifestation:

​​✓ Growth mindset
✓ Positive mindset
✓ Entrepreneurial mindset

Plus, module 4 includes these exercises:
​​✓ Growth mindset reflection
✓ Growth mindset affirmations
✓ Focus on a positive future
✓ Get creative
✓ Initiate your life

Module 5: Take Action

The fear is real. Whenever we aim for something big, there is the risk of failure. There is also the risk of success. These unknowns can be scary. That’s why learning how to manage our emotions is key to taking action, executing on our goals, and manifesting our dreams.

In Module 5, we’ll talk about

​​✓ Fear of success
✓ Environmental mastery
✓ Savoring the journey
✓ ​Staying motivated
✓ Sticking to our goals

Plus, module 5 includes this exercise:

​​✓ Creating an authentic definition of success

The Science Behind The Program

This is the only manifestation program of its kind—it’s completely based on research on psychology, well-being, goals, and more.

Plus, the ideas put forth by research studies are then translated in a super simple, super approachable way. So the concepts are easy to understand, use, and apply in real life.

Here are a few of the referenced studies:

​​✓ Open hearts build lives: Positive emotions, induced through loving-kindness meditation, build consequential personal resources
✓ New developments in and directions for goal-setting research.
✓ On three forms of thinking: Magical thinking, dream thinking, and transformative thinking.
✓ ​Self-concordance, goal attainment, and the pursuit of happiness: Can there be an upward spiral?