Benjamin Hardy – Genius Blogging

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Benjamin Hardy – Genius Blogging

Benjamin Hardy - Genius Blogging

What You Will Learn From GENIUS BLOGGING
* How Ben adds 20,000 emails to his list every month for free
* A 3-step system for getting thousands of people on your email list every month
* The secret to reaching millions of people every month with your message
* How to structure and organize your ideas so they are valuable and go viral
* The way to get your work published on 3 of the most visited websites in the world
* Exact steps for crafting the perfect, high-converting landing page
* The one type of article that is most likely to go viral
* How to create headlines so good people won’t be able to stop reading your content
* Make this ONE change to your content and 2x, 5x, even 10x your opt-in rate
* Discover your WHY so you can make your vision and dreams a reality
* Types of images and photos that make your content more appealing (and where to find them)
* How to tap into websites that have over 100 MILLION readers
* Strategies for creating content so valuable people share it with everyone they know
* Ben walks you though viral article case studies you can model and apply
* 317 emotion-packed power words and phrases that instantly make you a better writer
* How to easily come up with 20 compelling article ideas in less than 10 minutes
* Ben’s 3-part article structuring tool, fill-in-the-blank viral headlines tool and compelling give away tool
* What one of the top copywriters in the world does to influence millions of people
* How to increase your “read ratio” and boost your reader engagement
* Ben’s private templates for creating a high converting call to action
* What you need to know about SEO, syndication, shares, page views, etc.
* How to convert readers into subscribers and build a big email list
* The optimal way (and time) to write so you create your best work
* A simple technique for quickly writing all the content you ever need
* How to take existing content and restructure it in a more viral way
* How to create a give away that adds thousands of emails to your list every month
* Ben reveals how he created his best, highest-converting landing page
* Use THIS tool to become a fast, effective writer and eliminate writers block
* Being Prolific; Not Perfect: Secrets of the most effective writers in the world
* E_______ + S_________ = Writing that gets millions of readers and views
* One action that almost guarantees your content will do VERY well online
* Ben’s “Call To Action Formula” to get as many people as possible to your landing page
* 4 questions for creating a compelling give away that attracts your ideal audience
* The top 3 common mistakes people make when trying to become successful online
* When Less Is More: How to make A LOT more money by doing A LOT less work
* How to find the right audience and give them exactly what they are looking for
* The right way to frame your give away, call to action and landing page
* What Ben does to create landing pages that convert as much as 61%
* One of the most effective techniques for discovering (and solving) your audiences problem
* How to use pixels to be seen everywhere online and get customers for pennies on the dollar
* The psychology behind the most valuable pages online that influence millions of people

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