Ben Adkins – Ugly Ads that Work & Ugly Funnels that Work

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Product Name: Ben Adkins – Ugly Ads that Work & Ugly Funnels that Work
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Ben Adkins – Ugly Ads that Work & Ugly Funnels that Work

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What You’re Getting Inside:

  • The “Ugly Ad Method” Live with Ben. I’ll walk you through the method that I use to “ugly” up our ads so that they get more folks viewing them and taking action. This is a skill that will take you around an hour to learn from me live but will completely change the way you setup ads for your local clients.
  • The Ugly Ads That Work Program – You’ll Get a behind the scenes look at 20 of our favorite local business ads using “ugly ads” to get new customers. They aren’t always fancy or pretty, but they work. This is a no fluff look at the ads that work that you can consume in 20 minutes flat. (we won’t bog you down with Video, you just get to see the ad and a quick explanation of why it works.)
  • Awesome Awareness Ads – You’ll See the Ads that 5 businesses (a Local Entertainment Company, An Event Planning Business, and IT Services Company, a Local Diner, and a Tourism Promotion Company) are using to killing it to create awareness of their business in their local markets.
  • Delicious Discount Ads – You’ll See the Ads that 5 businesses (A Tire Dealer, a Fitness Center, a Pizza Shop, A Retail Bike Store, and a Salon) are are using to get big conversions by offering discounts on their products in their Facebook ads.
  • Glorious Giveaway Ads – Face it. Giveaways Work and in this section you’ll See the Ads that 3 businesses (a Car Dealer, a Solar Energy Company, and a Wedding and Event Planning Business) are killing it by using giveaways in their Facebook ads.
  • Fantastic Freebie Ads – Freebies work when you offer a good freebie… Period. You’ll See the Ads that 7 businesses (An Automotive Dealership, A Fitness Center/Gym, a Health Insurance Company, and 3 different Legal Professionals) are killing it by using freebies in their ads.
  • The “Ugly Ads That Work” Swipe File PDF – Download the 25 page swipe file of all the ads covered in the course. (This will save you so much time; it’s basically the course in a easy to read PDF.)
  • [Advanced Only] Get a behind the scenes walkthrough of 5 local ads (ads for automotive, home service, legal, sports and tourism) and their “ugly” funnels, that are working to bring in new customers. We show you it all from the landing pages to the followup sequences, and explain how you can use the technique to drive local leads.
  • [Advanced Only] Ugly Funnels That Work Swipe File – Download the 25 page swipe file detailing each of the 5 ugly funnels. (This swipe file is an information gold mine. This is especially valuable if you don’t have time to watch all the videos. Each funnel is completely broken down in an easy to read PDF.)

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