Barb Stepp’s Funshop April 2017

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Product Name: Barb Stepp’s Funshop April 2017
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Barb Stepp’s Funshop April 2017

A full experiential 7-day video of our 2017 Fun Shop!

If you want to see, learn and experience No Fault Psychology and Other than Conscious Communication here it is.

Along with the purchase of the Fun Shop, you are eligible to attend a live Fun Shop with a $150.00 discount.

Over 50 years ago Dave Dobson, PhD created No-Fault Psychology™ and Other than Conscious Communication™.
Together we continued to develop it until his transition in 2008, when I inherited our complete work. Many have used and tried to duplicate our intellectual property and often incongruently.

Learn how to outgrow unwanted patterns of behavior and develop patterns that you desire and Automate them.

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