Anthony Robbins – Leadership Academy Guide 2010

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Anthony Robbins – Leadership Academy Guide 2010Anthony Robbins – Leadership Academy Guide 2010

Day 1: Psychology of a Leader

Understand the psychology of influencing the thoughts, feelings, actions and behaviors of those you lead.

  • Human Needs Psychology Overview
  • Introduction to the 7 Master Steps of Lasting Change
  • Guest Speaker: Tony Robbins

Day 2: Navigation of Change

Further develop your understanding of why people do what they do and acquire the tools to help them create the changes they desire.

  • Leading and Inspiring Teams
  • Learn the skills to Understand and Appreciate another person’s world and how to Create a Base and Get Leverage
  • Guest Speaker: Jan Hargrave

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Day 3: Creation of Transformation

Learn the tools and skills to create lasting change in others and how to measure your effectiveness of a leader.

  • The Breadth and Depth of Leadership
  • Learn the skills to Interrupt Patterns, to Define Problems in Solvable Terms, to Create Empowering Alternatives, and to Condition Change in others
  • Business Leadership
  • Guest Speaker: Robyn Benincasa

Day 4: Expanding Your Tool Box

Learn how to boost the morale and effectiveness of your team, reinvigorate your spirit of leadership and discover your inner strength to make change last.

  • Learn the skills to Relate Change to a Higher Power and Connect to an Empowering Environment
  • Guest Speaker: Sam Georges
  • Guest Speaker: Steve Linder

Day 5: Integration/Closing

Learn how to apply these tools in your daily life.

  • Break through any barriers that are holding you back as a leader
  • Guest Speaker: Cloe Madanes

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Guest Speaker: Shore Slocum

This item containsl cutting edge strategies of Leadership influence from Tony Robbins! This item is  produced for the Senior Leaders and Trainers who work the Anthony Robbins Mastery University seminar program Leadership Academy in 2010.  There are usually fewer than 100 of these made due to the small and exclusive group to whom they are distributed.

It is a spiral-bound book with 64 pages with insider information about being a Leader/Trainer at the seminar.


Overview of Leadership Academy
Who’s Who at Leadership Academy
Trainer Mission Statement

  1. Outcomes for Trainers/Senior Leadership

What the Ultimate Trainer Must Embody
Leadership/Trainer Wheel

  1. Logistics & Processes

Keys to Success
How to Have a Superb Team Meeting
AR Foundation Fundraising Organizing Principles
ARC Dance Captain Operating Principles
Board Breaking

  1. Skill Set Distinctions

The Syntax of a Skill Set
7 Keys to a Successful Skill Set
Ways to Manage States

  1. Additional Content Resources

7 Master Steps
Path of Meaning
The Dirty Dozen
26 Primary Sources for Pain
Leadership Incantation

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