Andrew Harvey – Rumi and the Way of Passion

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Andrew Harvey - Rumi and the Way of Passion

Andrew Harvey – Rumi and the Way of Passion

What You’ll Discover in These 10 Modules

Each teaching, contemplation and training session will build harmoniously upon the next, so that you’ll develop a complete, holistic understanding for how to engage the Way of Passion with clarity, rigor, and transformative power.

You’ll emerge with:

  • a more holistic vision of Sufism and the life of Rumi, as well as a deeper understanding of many kindred mystics
  • a reunion of the sacred masculine and feminine within you
  • greater competence in navigating crises and the “dark night” of the spiritual path
  • a more open and generous heart
  • a deeper understanding of embodiment, giving you the capacity to increasingly live as love
  • a profound commitment to bring heaven down to earth

Module 1

Rumi’s mystical renaissance

The vision of divine alchemy that shaped Rumi’s life and its sacred significance for our time

  • Discover the sacred path that Rumi traversed, his trials, heartbreak and eventual liberation into a radical state of divine rapture
  • Learn about the most influential people and events in his short yet heroic life, culminating in his tumultuous relationship with Shams of Tabriz
  • Explore Rumi’s path of divinization in the Beloved and what happens to a human being that truly becomes a living cell in the body of God
  • Understand how the Return of Rumi into the consciousness of our planet at this moment is not a coincidence and is vital for our individual and collective evolution
  • Open to the fierce and gorgeous alchemy that Rumi underwent
  • Allow the essence of Rumi’s wisdom to strip away the falsehood to come more and more naked and transparent to the divine relationship
  • Uncover the full spectrum of your divine identity and the ultimate expression of your human-divine genius

Sacred Practice: Shahada – the remembrance of the name of God

Featured Mystics: Rumi, St. John of the Cross, and Rabia

Module 2

Uncovering The Full Spectrum Your Divine Identity:

Rumi’s priceless gift to us

  • Awaken to the splendor, majesty, beauty and power of your non-dual Divine Identity with the Beloved
  • Experience the transformative practices that Rumi used to evoke the ecstatic rapture and splendor of divine intoxication
  • Discover the mystical process to enact the great transformation we are called to at this critical time in our history
  • Learn about the two essential, interconnected spiritual forces of Rumi’s mystical transformation:
  1. The ‘Jamal’ aspect – which represents serenity, rapture, tenderness, peace and profound all-embracing compassion for all living things
  1. The ‘Jalal’ aspect – which represents sacred passion, divine ferocity, the clarity about co-evolution of inner and outer that helps bring the law of God into our world
  • Discover how the marriage of these two mystical forces (Jamal and Jalal) merge to birth the fully embodied divine human
  • Understand more deeply how to walk the path of the peaceful revolutionary with love in action

Sacred Practice: Allah from Sufi tradition, enabling an experience of transcendent origin

Featured Mystics: Rumi, Ibn-Arabi, Meister Eckhart

Module 3

Realizing the Glory of The Creation:

The Epiphany of Eternal Radiance

  • Discover how Rumi awoke into the glory of the Creation as a manifestation of the attributes of the Absolute
  • Experience Rumi’s personal sacred practice for exalted adoration of the beloved
  • Become initiated into what the universe truly is – an unendingly magnificent epiphany of the radiance of the eternal
  • Wake up to the full majesty and splendor of yourself as one with the cosmos to incarnate divine love and justice into action on every level
  • Empower yourself with the sacred energy that you need to undo our collective habits of unconsciousness, exploitation and domination
  • Experience “theophany” – an eternal expansion into the grandeur of God, the manifestation of the attributes of the divine and how essential this is for our human evolution

Sacred Practice: The Presence of Beloved in Nature, a Sufi practice

Featured Mystics: Rumi, St. Francis, Moses Cordovero (Kabbalist), Shabestari (Sufi)

Module 4

Discovering the Web of Relationship that is the Universe:

The Sacred Science of Interconnection

  • Discover how Rumi was birthed into a sacred vision of the entire universe as a web of interconnected, ecstatic communing
  • Understand how modern science and quantum physics are echoing Rumi’s sacred vision
  • Experience the new global heart-mind that is created out of marriage of the deepest perceptions of the mystics and the most radical revelations of science
  • Awaken to the universe as a web of interconnecting, communing relationships, founded and fueled by divine love
  • Learn the sacred principles and foundations of the emerging mysticism that is being born on our planet at this time

Sacred Practice: Sacred Gazing, as practiced by Rumi and Shams, focused on realizing divine identity with another

Featured Mystics: Rumi, Max Planck, Albert Einstein, Father Bede Griffiths

Module 5

Uncovering the Wisdom of the Dark Night:

For the Butterfly to be born the Caterpillar must perish

  • Awaken to what all pioneers of divine embodiment discover, that the process of the divinization of the human (the “Birth”) necessarily passes through a great Death
  • Discover the stages of this transformative death as it is understood in shamanic, Hindu, Mahayana and Christian traditions as the death of all the constructs of the separate self
  • Understand why this process is essential in the unfolding of full awakening; at once excruciating and painful as it is redemptive and transfiguring
  • Learn one of the greatest gifts of Rumi’s poetry; a full, naked, and honest map both of the ordeals of this death as well as of the divine rapture and empowerment of the birth it prepares
  • Navigate Rumi’s map of transfiguration and its essential meaning and possibility for our contemporary crisis
  • Receive Rumi’s powerful testimony, essential to endure our global dark night and how to hold on through faith and surrender so its ultimate truth can be realized

Sacred Practice: Surrendering to the Healing Power of the Dark, resulting in real physical surrender

Featured Mystics: Rumi, Jesus, St. John of the Cross, Teresa of Avila, Attar

Module 6

Opening to the Divine Passion of the Birth:

Crossing the Threshold of the Holy Transfiguration

  • Awaken to the enormous sacred passion that is released like an atomic explosion from the death of the false self
  • Become radically inspired and filled by the joy and power you need to help transform our planetary crisis into an opportunity to birth a new world
  • Understand Rumi’s explosion of passion that radiates throughout his work and how to awaken this passion in your own consciousness and life
  • Become illuminated by its gorgeous flame, so that no defeats or ordeals can deter you from pouring your life out in service and love
  • Understand the crucial testimony in his work: he isn’t simply expressing enlightened consciousness, it’s a wholly new level of creative passion (ishq)
  • Explore the great poems where this wisdom is infused, as a sign of the divine human, blazing with sacred energy at every level, wholly devoted to passion

Sacred Practice: Simplified Whirling Dervish Practice that anyone can do

Featured Mystics: Rumi, Mirabai, Hadevich of Antwerp (the Rumi of women mystics), Rabiah and Attar, Shams of Tabriz

Module 7

Embracing Death With Rapture:

Fearlessly Surrendering to the Great Mystery

  • Awaken to Rumi’s wisdom from his own experience that all forms of dying, including physical death, only prepare a new level of Birth
  • Learn the deeper meaning of Rumi’s words “God is everywhere preparing God’s massive resurrection”
  • Understand the accounts of Rumi’s own death and the magnificent death poems that he wrote
  • Explore how a fearless embrace of dying on every level can initiate us into the rhythms of the universe and prepare us to be fearless activists of love
  • Cultivate divine peace and power in our dangerous world crisis through invaluable insight into the mystical death process with poems of immortal awakening and eternal life
  • Discover what he’s giving us by the way he embraced his own death with grace, courage and calm
  • Contemplate a selection of astounding poems about his death, and the deepest courage born from fearlessness
  • Awaken more fully to your immortal nature to dissolve your fear of the illusion of death

Sacred Practice: Adoration of the Beloved Beyond Space and Time, based on Rabia’s great prayer.

Featured Mystics: Rumi, Rilke, Ramana Maharishi, Shabastari and Ibn Arabi

Module 8

Discovering Your Role in Universal Evolution:

The Eternal Expansion into Endless Love

  • Awaken to Rumi’s discovery that the entire universe is in perpetual becoming, and that evolution never ends on any plane
  • Experience how the Beloved is always drawing us deeper and further into more and more radical embodiments of love
  • Live your life with certainty in service to the evolutionary truth of the Godhead and so fill yourself with the Beloved’s peace, force, passion, and power
  • Understand the journey that humanity is on to ever subtler levels of divinization and that there is truly no end to the divinization in God
  • Open to the evolutionary possibility of your divine potential with the passion and power that you need to transfigure your body, mind, heart and soul

Sacred Practice: The Transforming Light of the Beloved, which floods the psychospiritual centers with light, opening up the whole being to divinization

Featured Mystics: Rumi, Teilhard de Chardin, Aurobindo, Mikhail Naimy, Father Bede Griffiths

Module 9

Responding to a Universal Mystical Message

The Wisdom of Rumi and Kabir

  • Understand why Rumi’s work is returning in full splendor as part of the surge of universal mysticism and see how Rumi is both the scribe and embodiment of this process
  • Connect with the transforming power of Kabir, whose poetry is considered one of India’s great mystical treasures
  • See how the simple, direct path of knowing God directly beyond religious and cultural forms infuses the new mysticism that is emerging
  • Recognize the embrace of divine feminine as equal to the divine masculine, a perspective that infuses both of these great poets
  • Deepen your relationship with heart-knowing and global consciousness, allowing yourself to receive the mystical inheritance from every religious traditions
  • Embrace a mysticism that sees no class or caste, insider group or outsider group, but is part of a universal human inheritance

Sacred Practice: The Name of God, from Kabir

Featured Mystics: Rumi, Kabir, Aurobindo, Teilhard de Chardin, Bede Griffiths

Module 10

Understanding Christ and The Second Coming Through Rumi’s Eyes

The Divine Human Unveiled

  • Learn about the great evolutionary plan for the second coming, the birth of divine humanity
  • Explore the parallels between Jesus and Rumi; as Jesus lived through Gethsemane, Rumi went through same process when Shams was murdered, and he was reborn after 3 years, becoming a divine human being
  • Learn about the intimate relationship that Rumi had with Jesus and Christ consciousness
  • Experience one of the most potent ways that the divine is waking us up to an unprecedented embodied divine birth
  • Discover the profound parallels in how Rumi underwent the same transfiguring process that Jesus revealed
  • Embrace the “Christ within” teaching, seeing that we all have within us the same seeds and potential the Jesus and Rumi expressed
  • Incarnate more completely in mind, heart, soul, and body in order to become a force of sacred love in the world – the ultimate expression of the Way of Passion

Sacred Practice: Sacred Activism

Featured Mystics: Rumi, Jesus, Teilhard de Chardin and Father Bede Griffiths

The Rumi and Way of Passion Bonus Collection

In addition to Andrew Harvey’s transformative 10-module course, you’ll also receive these powerful bonuses. These bonuses will complement the course, deepening your understanding and practices.

The Wild and Burning Sun: Shams of Tabriz

Dialogue with Andrew and Coleman Barks

ColemanBarks.jpg?02030902In this inspiring conversation, Andrew is joined by famed Rumi translator and Poet Coleman Barks to discuss the relationship between Rumi and Shams of Tabriz. They will illuminate the mystery of Sham’s unique, radical personality and share some of Shams’ writing that are in his ‘maqama’ which Coleman is now working on.

Coleman Barks is a renowned poet and the bestselling author of The Essential Rumi, The Soul of Rumi, Rumi: The Book of Love, and The Drowned Book. He was prominently featured in both of Bill Moyers’s PBS television series on poetry, The Language of Life and Fooling with Words. He taught English and poetry at the University of Georgia for thirty years, and he now focuses on writing, readings, and performances.

Andrew Harvey on Sacred Passion

At the Caroline Myss Education Institute, May 2008

s5.jpg?02030902In this incendiary video, Andrew uses the poetry of Rumi to light a fire on the ground of your heart and spark you to action. Illuminating the dire circumstances of humanity and our planet, he models the passion fueled fountain of hope that he invites from each and every one of us. In this talk you will find out what Sacred Passion is and why we can’t live without it any longer.

In the Fire of Grace Video

rsz_firegrace.jpg?02030902In this video experience, Banafsheh Sayyad, the great legendary sacred dancer interprets five stages of the soul’s archetypal journey to union with the Beloved, in movement that marries serene grounded peace with fierce gorgeous passion, jus as Rumi’s mystical vision does. She is accompanied by Andrew Harvey as the voice of Rumi summoning her deeper into the flames of death and rebirth.

Banafsheh Sayyad, an Iranian-born dance artist and transformational teacher, communicates the universal message of Sufi mysticism in a passionate yet meditative way. She is one of the few bearers of authentic Persian dance in the world, an innovator of Sufi dance previously only performed by men and a pioneer in contemporary Persian dance. Internationally known for her innovative movement vocabulary and high artistic and educational standards, she draws from her extensive background in Sufism, Persian dance and ritual, Tai Chi and Flamenco to present a new form, rooted in tradition yet universal, “fusing ancient forms with a postmodern punch” (Los Angeles Times). Banafsheh comes from a long lineage of pioneering performing artists. Her father, the legendary Iranian filmmaker, theater director and actor, Parviz Sayyad, hailed as the Charlie Chaplin of Iran, is the most famous Iranian of his time. Banafsheh is a recipient of the prestigious James Irvine Foundation grant in Dance. She holds an MFA in Dance from UCLA where she taught Persian dance.

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