Andre Chaperon – Autoresponder Madness 3.0

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Product Name: Andre Chaperon – Autoresponder Madness 3.0
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Andre Chaperon – Autoresponder Madness 3.0

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AutoResponder Madness

Serialized Story-Driven Human-to-Human Email Marketing That Doesn’t Suck


I released the First Edition of ARM back in 2009 as an experiment.
Between 2005 and 2009 I had developed a very different and unique methodology of using email to talk to (one-to-many) and connect with (one-to-one) audiences who cared to hear from me.
The results I were getting were off the scale (one such weird story here).
Some close friends who I shared early results with, asked what the hell I was doing. So I privately shared some of these methodologies with them.
It was then that I wondered if anyone else would be interested in learning the strategic methodology I had developed from over nearly half a decade of operating in-the-trenches across multiple markets.
Hence the experiment in 2009.
I wanted to validate whether people would pay to learn this “weird” email marketing system of mine.
So I limited that first release to a few hundred copies to test the waters.
It sold out within an hour.
I released the Second Edition about a year later in 2010. That’s when Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher (of Digital Marketer and Traffic & Conversion fame) invested in it:
Ryan loved the methodology so much that they executed it across their entire 8-figure business, across all their divisions:
On January 11, 2012, Jeff Walker became a customer. On March 29, 2013, Frank Kern became a customer. By that time we had 1000s of happy customers.
To date, we’ve had over 10,000 people go through ARM. Success stories are way into the multi-millions of dollars; probably hundreds of millions (note to self: I really should track this stuff better).
The current 3rd Edition has been mostly unchanged for the past five years. So a MAJOR upgrade has been on the cards for a while.
I’m working on the long-awaited Fourth Edition now.
It’ll be ready in a few months.
For this reason, we’ve STOPPED selling the current 3rd Edition.
Not because the methodology doesn’t work anymore (if anything, it’s more effective now than ever before; mainly because there are more people than ever doing email poorly)…
… but instead, because there is a need to include more in-depth email automation workflows and use case setups.
When I first released ARM, the likes of Drip and ConvertKit Seva (and even Infusionsoft) didn’t exist. And the services that did, didn’t offer the level of sophisticated marketing automation you see today as standard.
We’ll open up again once the latest edition of ARM is ready (few months from now).