Amber Vilhauer – Bestseller Book Launch Blueprint

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Product Name: Amber Vilhauer – Bestseller Book Launch Blueprint
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Amber Vilhauer - Bestseller Book Launch Blueprint

Amber Vilhauer – Bestseller Book Launch Blueprint

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for your launch and sales to flop.
Introducing the smartest book launch experience designed to achieve your goals:
erhaps you choked a little when hearing Book Launch Managers can cost as much as $150,000 and that is way out of reach, but you still have BIG goals…
Perhaps you’re one of the many we talk to that doesn’t want to settle for less by hiring help that’s “ok” … and instead want a mentor by your side who has 15+ years of experience…
If you want to have a #1 bestselling book, a bigger platform, a monetization model that works…
Then you’re in the right place.
Whether you are a fiction or non-fiction author, just starting to write your first book or publishing your fifteenth book, whether you are launching or re-launching…

In this Bestseller Book Launch Blueprint course, learn the latest selling strategies to get bestselling book results in a highly competitive world. Industry’s leading Book Launch Director Amber Vilhauer pulls back the curtain and shares the very conversion strategies used on her most successful book launches including viral live streaming, relationship-leveraging, monetization, scaling and more.
We’ve made more than 35 books #1 bestsellers. Those clients have gone on to sell tens of thousands of copies of their books and landed on stages in front of 15,000 audience members for a $40,000+ speaking fee. You could (and should) be next!
Some of the BIGGEST mistakes authors make include not having a powerful plan that is rooted in proven marketing methodologies, and not giving themselves enough runway (time) to market and launch. With proper preparation, you will have every advantage for long-term book sales success.

This module goes DEEP in all areas of platform you’ll need for Bestseller Success and beyond. If you’re not ready for the increase in attention, you’ll waste the opportunity for building a bigger social media following and email community, converting those qualified leads into life-long customers, and growing your credibility in ways that get you further growth opportunities.

One of the two ways you’ll get the MOST books sold during your launch is by getting your network to promote the book launch with you. We know relationships are important, but most authors lock up when asking for help because they don’t know the right way to do it, they’re afraid of being a bother, and they don’t have a step-by-step procedure from beginning to end – until now.

This is where the rubber meets the road! You can have a polished platform, marketing that hums, and a network of supporters… but if you don’t “finish strong” by setting the right categories in Amazon, or priming the pump, you won’t achieve that #1 dream. So let’s dig in and show you what you need to do to make your dream a reality!

Perhaps the BIGGEST mistake and author makes is NOT treating their book as a product that can be leveraged to create a 7-figure business. Even if your goal isn’t to scale profits, cash flow helps make your world go round. It affords you the freedom to write your next book in peace, or go on tour with book signings, and avoid the debt most authors accrue. Learn how to get long-term success in our final Module.

This course was built to…

Give you a plan that makes sense and that you can feel very confident in. High levels of creativity and innovation were baked into each detail of this course. No repeated, cookie-cutter approaches here. All strategy is customized and unique.
Give you peace of mind knowing that someone highly competent left no stone unturned, and is always looking out for your best interests as an organization (not just for the launch).
Whip your business operations into shape and only task you things that only you can do or want to do.
Give you a stronger platform to uplevel with into next year and beyond.
Give you a launch flow you won’t be apologizing for to your network. Also, your network will feel as if they are treated with a white glove service at each interaction point.
Support you mentally and emotionally (a huge value most don’t pay attention to).
You are supported. Just like each customer before you.