Amanda Frences – Drop Your Money Struggle

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Amanda Frences – Drop Your Money Struggle

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I am a business mentor to women entrepreneurs, a digital course creator, self made multi-millionaire and a world renowned thought leader on the subject of financial empowerment for women.

I know that may sound crazy, but after 9 years of working with tens of thousands of women, I have seen a lot of women be less-than-honest with themselves about what they want or believe would be wrong to receive what they want.

Women often feel crazy, greedy, and selfish for wanting money.

I know a lot of women who play small, shrink, hide, doubt themselves, cap themselves, and sabotage themselves around their earning + receiving potential.

I didn’t grow up wealthy. I didn’t always believe that money would become something that was a consistent, fun, flow-y and reliable part of my life.

I’ve lived off student loans. I’ve worked dead-end jobs. I’ve lived in apartments in neighborhoods where the crime rate scared me. I’ve shared bathwater with siblings. I wildly inconvenienced myself and others, countless times, trying to save a few dollars.

I felt poor. I felt broke. I felt buried in debt. I felt limited. I felt constricted. I felt boxed in.

I felt like the odds weren’t in my favor.

(I understand a lot of people, had it a lot worse than me. I know I still had various privileges.)

Eventually, I dedicated myself to rearranging my mental, emotional and energetic patterns around money.

I created new belief systems around money. I began to understand the purpose of money. I taught myself a process for shifting into an energetic state of receiving to attract money and co-creating my dreams. I learned to manifest quickly. I’ve spent the time since increasing my understanding of the vibrations of money, wealth, and overflow.

I used to drive around Dallas, in the nicest neighborhood, saying this to myself:
That was a long time ago now.
Now, I don’t do things slow. I’ve chosen (basically as a result of my incredibly stubborn will and continual decision to believe in myself no matter how crazy/unrealistic the ideas in my head seem) to double my company’s revenue every year.

A goal doesn’t motivate me unless it looks wildly unrealistic, it will help a lot of people, and it will make a lot of money.

Which often means, that I have no earthly idea how I am going to do it. Hitting $500k in 2016 was a big deal at the time… but all year long I said to myself, “Next year is my seven figure year.”

And, obviously, it was. In 2017 Amanda Frances Inc. earned over $1.5 million. In 2018 we made $2.75 million — making this a multi-million dollar yearly brand. In 2019, Amanda Frances Inc. generated $3.6 million. We are easily on track for a $5 million+ year in 2020.

Here is what I am a genius at:Being an energetic match for money. Holding an incredibly high frequency around financial abundance. Deciding I am worthy of more. Calling in my desires. Expecting massive amounts of money to flow in.
I’m not just good at it; I believe it’s why I am alive.

It’s never just about money.

It’s about freedom. It’s about opportunity.

It’s about a decision to see things different, overcome the odds, and change how things work for you.

It’s about not having to say no to your desires, because of money, any longer.

Whether you come from money… or like me, did not come from money at all, you can change your mind, you can rearrange your energy, you can set new patterns for how money works for you.

If you are preoccupied, worried, frantic, freaked out or fearful about money…



 width= Drop the money struggle

 width= Reprogram your money fears + reframe your money history

 width= Radically shift your limiting ideas around money

 width= Increase your confidence in yourself and your earning potential

 width= Learn to live in a state of continual flow with your finances

 width= Know how to become an energetic match for cash

 width= Shift into a state of daily receptivity with money

 width= Increase your understanding of how the manifesting of money works

 width= Lay a solid foundation for the creating, receiving and manifesting of money (While this is a foundational program, it is way more advanced that most of what is out there.)

 width= Creating ways of thinking and believing that support your financial desires

 width= Heal, forgive, and finally release your past experiences with money

 width= Deciding with conviction to create your desired life and financial reality as you choose

 width= Experience energetic, emotional and mental shifts just from playing the videos in the background of your life (in the car, while working out, while running errands, etc.)

Drop the Money Struggle Part One

 width= Video Topic 1: Clearing Your Financial Past: Releasing What You Were Taught About Money & Forming New Beliefs (Valued at $333)

 width= Video Topic 2: The Art of Shifting Quickly: How to Move into a State of Being a Match for Money Each Day (Valued at $333)

 width=Video Topic 3: Money: A Game You Play — When Manifesting Becomes a Fun & Joyful Process (Valued at $333)

 width= Video Topic 4: The Incremental Increase: How to Earn More All of the Time (Valued at $333)

 width= Video Topic 5: Tying It Together: Earning/Generating Money as an Extension of Your Daily Life (Valued at $333)

Drop the Money Struggle Part Two
 width= Video Topic 6: Money: A Resource for Good. How Earning Serves You & the World. (Valued at $333)

 width= Video Topic 7: Money: A Heart Issue. Manifesting from Your Truest Desires. (Valued at $333)

 width= Video Topic 8: Viewing Money as Your Birthright. Releasing the ‘How’ Around Receiving. (Valued at $333)

 width= Video Topic 9: Worthiness: When Allowing in Money Becomes the Default State of Who You Are. (Valued at $333)

 width= Video Topic 10: Living from Confident Expectation. Deciding On & Allowing in Your Desired Outcome. (Valued at $333)