AlphaSharks – Trade Earnings Using Measured Move


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Trade Like a Market Maker – AlphaShark

While the traditional floor market maker has been largely replaced by algorithmic, or ‘high frequency’ (HFT), trading firms, their trading strategies remain as relevant as ever before.
To avoid blowing out their accounts, floor market makers would constantly hedge themselves against the order flow coming into their pit. The best market makers would glance at the trading activity around them and use it determine the implied movement in the underlying.
In Trade Like a Market Maker, Keene offers straight-foward explanations of how these techniques can be applied to trading today.

This workshop covers the following (and much more!):
– Use Call-Put Ratio to Determine Investor Sentiment
– Use the Market Makers Target for Iron Condors
– Learn the Most Ideal Time of Day and Week to Trade Credit and Debit Spreads
– Learn when and why to Trade a Credit or Debit Spread
– Learn how to Potentially Earn 600% in Options Using Market Maker Targets