Ali Pashaei Group Mentoring

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Ali Pashaei Group Mentoring

Ali Pashaei Group Mentoring

The Market-Millions trading system is one of the best, methodical ways to trade
your money. However make no mistake trading is a very difficult profession and
hobby. What I hope to do is provide you with access to the information that I
never had when I started out. I truly believe that this information will drastically
speed up your learning curve and form an excellent foundation for your long term
profitability. Over the years, I’ve witnessed; family, friends and colleagues make,
and lose a lot of money. This could have been avoided with better planning and
exposure to a realistic methodology.

This report will provide you with the complete Market-Millions trading system that
you’ll be able to use independently. It will also provide you with specific
techniques that you can adapt to any trading system you may already have. I
believe to be successful in trading you must have a system that fits your
personality. I trust that the Market-Millions trading system will be that system.
And if it isn’t, I challenge you to find at least one idea that will be able to radically
improve the profitability of your own system. If you commit to doing that I know
that you’ll succeed as a full-time trader.

Before entering the battlefield known as the markets, you must have a plan. Any
plan must have a set of criteria that answers:

• when to enter a trade
• when to exit a trade if it’s going against you
• when to exit a trade when it’s going for you
• when to get more
• how much to risk per trade

The system you have in your hands answers each of these questions in a
straightforward and objective way that doesn’t leave anything to your

Unlike many systems promoted in magazines and on the internet, the Market-
Millions trading system was put together based on real trading. It is not a
computer generated system relying on optimization and conditions that never
manifest themselves in the real world. This is a time tested robust trading