Al Aiello – Equity Stripping Excel

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Al Aiello - Equity Stripping ExcelAl Aiello – Equity Stripping Excel

Al Aiello
Equity Stripping Excel

Real Estate Investors: BEWARE of These Two Lethal Destroyers of Your Assets – Veil Piercing and Even Worse.Reverse Veil Piercing!

Veil Piercing – When a court ignores the entity and reaches the personal assets of the members. A properly structured LLC with proper formalities and documents (using The LLC Master Machine) can prevent the above from happening.
Reverse Veil Piercing (RVP) – Claimants attach the assets (equity) of the entity to satisfy a judgment against the individual member.

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Many attorneys are now using RVP instead of regular veil piercing because it can be easier, and where there is substantial real estate equity, more profitable for the claimant who could end up owning your prime real estate. This in turn justifies higher legal fees; so it is also more lucrative for the attorney. In fact so certain of winning the action, the attorney may even charge on a contingent basis for even higher fees.

Consequently, both the claimant and attorney are going to be much more tenacious, vigorous and ever persistent with the legal hungry lions dashing after you when they are let out of their cage.

Get Al Aiello – Equity Stripping Excel download