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Adam Lyons – Understand Attraction


You’re going to learn exact steps and specific breakdowns of how to be more successful at attracting and dating. You will get to see how one guy was able to achieve this, without being handsome or having money. In fact you’re going to see how he went from being very unsuccessful with women to being able to make out with a cute girl he met just 5 minutes before!
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You get the 200+ page paperback version of the book mailed to you. But you don’t have to wait to start reading it, because you also get the e-book version to download instantly. This book is crammed with insights on just about every topic in the romance and dating field.

Dating, relationships and sexual attraction are established through a simple set of stages that can be learned and practiced and eventually mastered.
How to develop flexibility in every situation so that you always have something to say and do in response to specific events, even unusual ones.
How to tell if she’s interested in you even before you say anything to her. There are signs that let us know someone is attracted to us and open to a romantic or sexual situation developing. If you can recognize these signs before speaking it’ll make the whole process a lot easier.
And tons more…The How To Kiss video where two girls demonstrate three separate techniques for going in for the first kiss without having to worry about rejection:

The Triple Kiss
The Escalated Kiss
The Head Touch

Learn when to use each technique, when and where each is best, and more advanced tips. Actual demonstrations so you’ll understand them clearly and easily.
Yes! It comes with a money back guarantee! I’m so sure that you will see results from this that if you don’t, I’m going to refund you every single penny! I’m taking all the risk. Simply try the product and put it to use and if you’re not 100% satisfied with the product, send me the book back for a no quibble refund.