Adam Lyons – The Smart Blueprint Course

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Adam Lyons – The Smart Blueprint Course

If you’re frustrated that your business cant afford to pay you the amount you want,
And you seem to be working constantly and seeing little growth,
And no matter which expert or service you try nothing seems to work,
Then this is for you…

Read on to learn how to get more profit from the clients you already have, increase the size of your customer base and gain more credibility in your industry without compromising your ethics or upsetting your customers
I’ve worked with many clients. From 8 figure a year transportation giants servicing Walmart, Panera and more to small sole operator business owners.
It’s always the personal stories that touch me the most.
This is the one that hit the hardest.
The business owner is a single mom raising her two children alone after a particular nasty separation that left her with very little.
Within just 2 months of implementing the S.M.A.R.T. blueprint this is the message she shared with us.
I’ll break down some more case studies for you in just a moment to show you just what is possible within your own business, first I’d like to share my first case study ever.
It shares an important lesson. Because even if you are the best at what you do in the world, you can still be broke.
Then I’ll share with you the clear step by step blueprint that turned this first business into a 7 figure a year success.
I built my business by accident. I Didn’t have a plan to earn 7 figures a year as a Dating coach featured on The Steve Harvey Show, Forbes and more.

In fact my first clients threw themselves at me, which wasn’t a good thing. In fact it almost cost my my home.
I became an overnight sensation in the UK. I went from an unknown janitor who spent his evenings trying to help people improve their dating life to a known name all over the UK when I was featured in a publication that wanted to showcase my dating methods.
At a time when other so called “Dating experts” were wearing silly hats, using pick up lines and insulting or “negging” people. My method stood out.
The focus of my training was simple. I discovered that the real reason people struggled with dating in their adult life was because they just didn’t meet the right people in the right way.
So my method of helping people with their dating life was focused on helping people developing a healthy social life packed with the kind of people you ACTUALLY wanted to date.
To me it was obvious, to the media it was revolutionary.
I ended up being featured in documentaries and publications all over the world, people wrote about my own love life. I didn’t care for the “fame” but I was excited for all the money that was to come…
… only it didn’t.
I lived a modest life, I had a nice 3 bedroom home on a mortgage in the suburbs. I didn’t spend extravagantly, yet I struggled every month to pay my bills.
The idea of hiring staff was just terrifying. So it was just me trying to build my business. Failing over and over again.
I kept telling myself that if I had more exposure, more publications writing about me, that I would finally be able to rest.
But even when I was voted the #1 dating coach in the world by a number of online publications in the same year
It never made a difference.
I still struggled to pay my mortgage each month.
Most of my customers didn’t come from the publications. They came from referrals from one particular company.
As long as they gave me clients, I was good.
I knew it wouldn’t last forever.
But when they gave me a 3 month notice that the leads would stop. I panicked.
I had no idea how to make money without their leads.
60 days of trying to make my company work without them and I was generating zero leads.
If I didn’t do something drastic I wasn’t going to be able to pay my bills.
I was down to my last month of clients and I had exactly enough money in the bank for my bills.
I needed help.

]I was at a cross roads. Do I take the last of my money and hire a business coach or do I pay my bills and continue to try and work it out myself?
I didn’t sleep for 48 hours straight stressing with the decision.
I knew this was going to be an important moment in my life.
Do I gamble on myself making the right choice with no experience, or do I trust some guy I meet on the internet?
I decided that if I couldn’t do it myself within 60 days, it was unlikely that I’d work it out in the next 30.
So I took all the money I had saved for my bills, it came to $5k and hired an expert to help me.
1 hour of his time… $5,000
It was one of the scariest hours of my life.
I took notes on everything he said.
I followed every single thing the guy said, and put it all into action.
Within 36 hours I’d made enough money for the next 3 months.
It was like magic.
I couldn’t believe it. The problem was I didn’t know how to do it myself.
But I was hooked.
I’d learned the power of using experts.
Over the next 3 years I invested over $500,000 of the money I earned hiring experts to teach me how to build, run and scale a business.
In fact at one point I spent $330,000 in a single year. I learned from the best.
Richard Branson, Roland Frasier, Ryan Holiday, Tucker Max, Ryan Deiss, Perry Belcher, Frank Kern.
If they knew business, and I thought I had something to learn. I was there Studying.
There was still one problem.

It was too complicated.
It’s like I was being given lots and lots of information, but not all of it was easy to use.
I had to try and fail over and over to find the right advice that worked for me, and while it DID work, it wasn’t efficient, and it was expensive.
So I decided to spend a few weeks writing down everything I had tried that had worked. The things that had brought in the biggest results and had clear step by step actions anyone could follow.
Mostly because I wanted the document for myself. I wanted a way I could easily access the brains of $500,000 worth of information, without hunting through years of my own notes, or hiring another expert to remind me what I should be doing in this latest situation.
I called this The S.M.A.R.T. Blueprint.
The idea is simple. The reason most companies aren’t making enough money isn’t because their service or product isn’t valuable. It’s because the money is “trapped”
It’s like having a water hose with a dent in it somewhere which is preventing the water from flowing.
You have to work your way down the hose to find the point where the water is trapped and release it.
The second you remove the block the water flows freely.
Likewise the reason a company isn’t making the money you want, is because there is a block somewhere that is preventing you from getting the profits you want.
The S.M.A.R.T. Blueprint is a step by step checklist and action system.
It gives you a clear sets of actions that a successful business needs to have in place in order to maximize their profits.
If your profit isn’t flowing, it’s more than likely because one of the items on the checklist is missing causing a blockage of funds making it difficult for your business to operate with the flow of profit it needs to grow.
All you have to do is work through the S.M.A.R.T. Blueprint checklist and see where your business might have a missing piece causing a blockage. Then you simply learn how to build the piece following our step by step program and the profits flow freely back to you.

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