ACE HIIT series – Chris Freytag (2013)

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Product Name: ACE HIIT series – Chris Freytag (2013)
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ACE HIIT series with Chris Freytag (2013)

ACE HIIT series with Chris Freytag (2013)

Get your dose of high-intensity interval training together with fitness trainer Chris Freitag, ACE-certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and healthy lifestyle consultant with 20 years of experience in this field.
Start your metabolism and pump up your muscles with 30-minute total body workouts (TOTAL BODY HIIT), UPPER BODY HIIT, LOWER BODY HIIT, and CORE HIIT.

Increase the intensity by adding a 10-minute workout for the hips and buttocks (BOOTY BLAST) or a 10-minute workout for the press (BELLY BLAST) of your choice! These workouts will help you out when you are limited in time.
Chris presents exercises in several variations: for beginners and advanced. Thanks to this alternative, a complex of exercises in the Tabata style (tabata-style) will suit people with different physical training.
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Introduction (INTRODUCTION)
High-intensity interval 30-minute upper body training
Burn fat and form the sexual upper part of the interval training, which includes strength exercises.
High-intensity interval 30-minute lower body training
Pull your lower part with plyometric exercises that will strengthen and form your buttocks and thighs.
High intensity interval 30-minute full-body training
Run your metabolism and strengthen the muscles of your whole body with shock training, including power and formative exercises.
High intensity interval 30-minute mid-body training
Get rid of fat on the abdomen with the help of body training, where alternating standing exercises and exercises on the mat, which will make your heart work hard.

10-minute training for the abdomen (BELLY BLAST)
Feel the difference with a 10-minute target workout, which will help you pump a strong and outlined press.
10-minute training for the buttocks (BOOTY BLAST)
Increase the consumption of calories by fast training, which forms a strong and beautiful silhouette of the lower body.
A 20-minute training session of Vinyasa Flow Yoga (“connection of breathing with movement”),
Form your figure, stretching your muscles and recovering from intense strength training.