3-Day: Advanced Wound Care Training – Hands-on Simulation

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Product Name: 3-Day: Advanced Wound Care Training – Hands-on Simulation
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 width=3-Day: Advanced Wound Care Training with Hands-on Simulation

Wound care is a specialty for a reason. Correct etiology assignment, diagnostics, treatment, and referrals are essential pieces of knowledge in the successful management of wounds. Kim Saunders will break down the latest information coming out of practice guidelines and research for you during this intense 3-day training opportunity. Your practice will be elevated as you incorporate the current best practice standards into patient care.

The hands-on sessions simulate clinical competencies to address the evolving challenges of wound care. You will have the time to critically think through patient scenarios to determine what went right… and what went wrong. In this safe learning environment, you can feel comfortable asking questions of a national wound care expert. We guarantee that you will leave with countless new skills to improve your assessment, documentation, and treatment of wounds.

Three days of intense learning about the complexities of wound care will transform the way you provide care, increase your confidence and eliminate your fears.